On the July 9 episode of Love After Lockup, Stan finds out just how serious his competition is if he wants to make Lisa his bride. The lonely older widower already is aware that she has two husbands whom she has yet to divorce. Now, he’s finding out that he has extra competition as Lisa likes women as well. In an In Touch exclusive sneak preview clip, Lisa also reveals if she can picture herself marrying Stan once she gets her two divorces out of the way.

Viewers finally get their first look at Lisa, as she has finally emerged from prison. She had previously revealed to Stan that she now looks like one of “her brothers,” after getting in a prison fight where some of her hair was ripped out. It turns out she has a buzz cut on the sides of her head, with tightly cropped locks on top. But Stan came to her rescue, dropping $1,300 on three long wigs, one of which she is seen trying on.

“You know I like women,” Lisa tells Stan as he’s driving her to his home in St. Louis after picking her up at the Chillicothe, Missouri Correctional Center. The self-proclaimed multi-millionaire calmly responds, “Well, you better like one man,” referring to himself.

Lisa then goes on to explain her very complicated love life. “I’m attracted to women. I probably wouldn’t be with a man if it wasn’t for Stan,” she reveals in a confessional, modeling a long, curly blonde wig in place of her buzz cut.

Stan has already explained that Lisa has had a rough life, as her dad went to prison for murder and her brothers have been in and out of jail for most of their lives. Lisa has done seven separate prison stints by her own admission.

'Love After Lockup': Will Lisa and Stan Get Married?
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“I was married at a young age … at 17 … to a husband who beat me all the time. Then I left him,” she reveals about how her tumultuous first marriage turned out, before explaining that her then-husband later died by suicide.

“I got remarried about a year later, I’m still married to him. I thought I was divorced, but I’m not. The third guy I was married to, it’s all bad so I’m not going to comment on that,” she continues. Lisa’s clearly got a long way to go if she wants to be Stan’s bride.

“Do I see myself marrying Stan? At this point, I have to get divorced from the two guys I’m married to. Other than that, anything is possible,” she shares in the confessional. Stan has already committed to taking care of Lisa, revealing in a previous episode that she’s receiving 25 percent of his wealth in his will, which is the same amount he’s leaving to his two adult daughters. He claimed that it comes out to roughly $500,000 each, so even if Lisa doesn’t end up as Stan’s new wife, she’s going to receive an inheritance … for now!

The pair first met when  Stan found Lisa in 2017 on the Seeking Arrangements website, for “Sugar Daddies” and Sugar Babies” to connect. He said they had a lovely few dates — which included great sex — before she disappeared from his life. He later got a call from Lisa, who was inside a women’s correctional facility for selling drugs. Stan hadn’t sparked with a woman the way he did with Lisa, and they continued their romance while she was behind bars.

Now that she’s out — and has two husbands and a preference for women — Stan’s going to have his hands full with Lisa’s highly dramatic life! Be sure to tune in to the new episode on Friday, July 9, at 9 p.m. on We TV to see what happens.

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