On the new season of Love After Lockup, cast member Rachel‘s friends predict it will be a real “s–tshow” when her inmate husband Doug — whom she married while he was behind bars — gets released from prison and comes home to her. In Touch has an exclusive preview clip ahead of the show’s June 18 premiere.

Rachel is seen talking on the phone to Doug, who is still incarcerated but is about to be released. He casually asks how she’s doing, and she mentions that two of her friends — Don and Coby — are there at her house. Rachel asks Doug if he’s ready to come home. “I was done with this s–tshow when I got arrested the first time. F–k,” he barks at her, as the pals look on. This will not be the first time that word is heard!

“Did you talk to my PO (parole officer)?” he asks, and when Rachel responds that she hasn’t called her yet, Doug snaps, “Seems like you’re slacking, honey … that you need me to start barking orders again.” Rachel’s friends are seen shaking their heads in disbelief that she’s receiving such terrible treatment from him.

Rachel has been taking care of Doug’s son while he’s behind bars, and rather than being appreciative of her care, he belittles her when she tells him that the boy won’t come out of his room.

“As long as he’s got someone like you to, you know, baby him and feel sorry for him he’s going to continue to play that role too. That he’s a victim. Why don’t you go try to baby him, victim him into cooperating? Now who’s the boss?” Doug tells her in a heated tone.

Rachel admits in a confessional that, “Doug is controlling. He’s a little bit of a control freak. He likes to bark orders.” But she doesn’t seem to take it as a red flag, adding, “I mean, he’s cute. It’s just him flexing.”

'Love After Lockup': Rachel's Friends Doubt Relationship With Doug
Courtesy of WE tv

Rachel’s friends are concerned about what will happen when Doug comes home from prison. “So he’s never been an adult out in society … ever?” Don asks, and Rachel responds “nope!” Coby explains to producers, “He sounds like a six-and-a-half-foot baby. I’m really scared this is not going to go the way she wants it,” Don agrees, saying, “Yeah, I think it’s going to be a real s–tshow.”

“We’re just concerned. We want to make sure you have the right goals, plans … ” Coby tells Rachel with concern in her voice. But in a confessional, the pretty brunette reveals, “I’ve never had that feeling where I look at someone and I can’t live without them. For him to not be who he said or who he’s supposed to be this past year and a half, it would destroy me.”

Rachel then tells her friends, “I’ve got the right prisoner this time.” In previews for the season, Rachel admitted that she’s “attracted to the bad boy” and that’s she previously dated two other inmates. She hopes that “Doug is it and the third one is a charm.”

The couple met when Rachel went on the writeaprisoner.com pen pal site and met Doug, who was serving four years in prison for felony possession of a firearm. The pair wed while he was still behind bars. Rachel and Doug have yet to consummate their marriage, but in preview scenes, that changes once he is released!

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