With many of this season’s Love After Lockup couples already married after tying the knot in prison ceremonies, there’s a good reason Stan hasn’t wed Lisa, let alone become engaged to her. It turns out, she’s already married and has two husbands!

Lisa reveals in a phone call to Stan that once she gets out of prison, she doesn’t know which last name she should go by. “Remember, I’m married to two guys, so …” she explains in In Touch‘s exclusive sneak peek of the Friday, July 2 episode. Stan assures her, “Eventually we’ve got to get back to your maiden name.” Lisa then reveals in all seriousness, “I don’t think I have any felonies under that name, so it’s okay.” Stan tells Lisa that they will “figure it out” once she’s out of prison.

Stan’s close friend Dash has been sitting across the dining room table from his pal as the conversation went down. He put his hand over his eyes and his eyes and shakes his head in disbelief at what he was hearing.

“Did she say she’s married to two people now?” a stunned Dash asks Stan, who responds “Well, she’s not sure” with a hearty laugh. “She’s married to one guy, but she thinks they got divorced … but she’s not positive. And she married somebody else. We’ve got to see an attorney on all of that anyway.”

Dash then brings up how Lisa could be scamming Stan. He explains that she could be conspiring with one of her exes to use the self-proclaimed multimillionaire as a mark. Apparently, Stan has not seen the previous three seasons of Love After Lockup where inmates use “tricks” on the outside to drain them of money. He innocently tells Dash, “Well she can’t be scamming too many people now. She’s in jail!”

Dash is clearly worried about his friend’s situation with Lisa. He tells producers, “Stan’s a little bit naive, and I’m not sure he’s going into this clear-minded about what really is at risk. He’s got a beautiful house, he’s got nice cars, he’s got a nice nest egg. I’d just hate to see him risk that. I’ve just got a lot of reservations. There’s a lot of red flags.”

That would be an understatement! Earlier in the phone call, Stan asked Lisa if she’s excited to leave prison. She responded, “I’ve done this seven times and I hope I don’t do it again.” That has Dash shaking his head in disbelief that his pal would be with someone who’s done seven separate prison stints.

There are even more red flags that Dash is unaware of. Lisa comes from a family of criminals, which was revealed in the previous episode. Stan shared how her dad went to prison for murder, and that her brothers are in and out of prison. The show ended with Lisa trying to get Stan to pay $30,000 bond to get her brother out of jail after he got into a high-speed chase trying to evade police.

'Love After Lockup': Is Lisa Married? Has 2 Husbands
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Lisa will be coming home to Stan with a much different look than he was previously used to. She claimed that most of her hair had been ripped out during a prison fight, and now she looks like “one of her brothers.” But that just made widower Stan want to help make her feel beautiful again, as he went to a beauty shop and dropped $1,300 on three new wigs for Lisa! Fans will have to tune in to see if Lisa’s love for Stan is the real deal … and what he’s going to do about her two husbands!

Love After Lockup airs every Friday on WE tv at 9 p.m. EST/PST. 

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