On the June 25 episode of Love After Lockup, self-proclaimed multi-millionaire Stan is counting down the days until his girlfriend Lisa‘s imminent release from prison. But he’s having conflicting emotions about whether to introduce his soon-to-be former inmate babe to his two adult daughters, in an In Touch exclusive preview clip from the show.

Lisa is already questioning Stan about getting to know his children, asking him in a phone call, “I was wondering when will I meet your kids?” He seems to be on the fence about introducing Lisa to his daughters, telling her, “I don’t know. They’re worried about a lot of silly things that don’t add up to a hill of beans.”

That has Lisa wanting to know, “Well, what do you mean? You don’t know if they want to meet me?” It appears Stan hasn’t explained to his daughters the full extent of his commitment to Lisa.

“My daughters have never liked anybody I’ve went out with, so it doesn’t apply,” he assures his prison sweetie. Stan explains, “It could be Joan of Arc” and they wouldn’t like Lisa. “They love their mother and so to them, nobody can add up.”

As he shared in the series premiere, Stan lost his beloved wife in 2012. The widower then turned to online dating to find love again, only to have him end up on dates with more than 100 women who didn’t turn out to be “the one.”

Stan’s daughters are against his relationship with much-younger Lisa. “My daughters are pretty close to Lisa’s age. But they wouldn’t like her if she was any age. They think she’s using me for money,” he reveals in a confessional.

Stan Hesitant to Let Lisa Meet His Kids
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His girls are not alone. In the season premiere, Stan said that his net worth was approximately $2.3 million. But his friends told him that they are deeply concerned that Lisa could be running a scam on their pal.

At the end of their phone call, Lisa reassures Stan, “I get it, I just hope you know I have nothing but good intentions for us.” Lisa coos that she “can’t wait to be back in your arms again,” and refers to him as “sweet cheeks.” Stan assures her, “I love you baby. You have a good night.” He then tells producers, “Boy am I lucky to have a girl like that.”

Even though Stan and Lisa had only briefly dated on the outside in 2017 before she went to prison, he’s already made sure to provide for her in his will! Not only that, she’s getting the same amount that both of his daughters will be receiving.’

“I don’t know if I’ve discussed it with her or not as far as my inheritance. Each one of my children would get 25 percent, and Lisa would get 25 percent. That would be over $500,000. So that should carry her through,” he confesses.

Stan first met Lisa on the dating website Seeking Arrangements, where older “sugar daddies” and younger “sugar babies” can connect. The two had a date where Stan claims that they really hit it off, having an “enjoyable” conversation on his home’s deck with some red wine.

The pair later “had sex and kissed,” according to Stan. “After our last date, she vanished, and I just didn’t know what happened. I got a message on my phone to call Lisa at this number, she was in trouble. It was the Vandalia Women’s Correctional Institute. She was selling drugs … narcotics. And that’s what landed her in jail.”

After not being able to find a woman on the outside whom he was attracted to as much as Lisa, the pair reconnected while she was still serving her sentence. Stan is now eagerly awaiting Lisa’s imminent release from Missouri’s Chillicothe Correctional Institution.

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