The ‘LPBW’ Stars Have the Cutest Kids: See Photos of Jackson, Ember, Lilah and Bode

The bond that Jackson and Ember Roloff share seriously warms our hearts. Now that Tori Roloff (née Patton) and Zach Roloff‘s daughter, Lilah Ray Roloff, and Audrey Roloff (née Botti) and Jeremy Roloff‘s son, Bode James Roloff, have joined the family, the cousin love is bound to only grow stronger. Though the newest Little People, Big World stars are only a few months old, the four relatives have already spent a little time together.

Things are bound to get even more adorable as the tiny tots grow. Though we’re just as excited to see “the girlsies hang,” as Auj says, we also know that Lilah and Bode are going to be just as close as Jackson and Ember are. The newest Roloff babies have already met, and we know their bond will only continue to grow.

In the meantime, though, at least we’ve got pictures of the rest of the Roloff kids cuddled up, kissing and playing around. And if you thought Baby J was cute as Ember’s cousin, wait until you see him as Lilah’s big brother. On November 22, mom Tori posted the first photo of the family of four, and it’s absolutely precious. Since then, the two have already spent at least one “perfect night” together.

Recently, the brunette cutie revealed that her son has taken his new role as an older sibling seriously. He’s even happy to share the love of the family dog with his little sis. OK, OK, happy might be a stretch — but the fact that he “doesn’t mind” sharing is good enough for us.

Pup Murphy is pretty excited about the family’s new arrival, too. “[He] would stay next to this kid all day if he could,” Tori told fans on November 25. She even shared an incredible photo to prove it as the pooch seemingly stood guard over the baby. “Aw, Murphy already loves sweet baby girl,” fans couldn’t help but note.

Check out the gallery below to see all the sweetest photos of the Roloff family kids as they learn, play and grow together. 

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