A lot has changed on Little People, Big World ever since the show debuted on TLC in 2006. While it focused on Matt and Amy Roloff and their four children, fans want to know which family members are still on the show today.

Is Matt Roloff Still on ‘Little People, Big World’?

The pumpkin farmer and family patriarch is still the heart of the show as of February 2024, when season 25 debuted.

Fans watched as Matt and Amy divorced in 2016 after nearly 30 years of marriage. He then began a romance with Caryn Chandler the following year, as she had worked on Roloff Farms behind the scenes managing the pumpkin patch for a decade.

Matt and Caryn got engaged in April 2023. The year prior, they began building their dream home together on the Roloff property while splitting their time at a vacation home in Arizona.

Is Amy Roloff Still on ‘Little People, Big World’?

Even though Matt and Amy split, she’s remained an integral part of the show. Viewers got to see Amy fall in love again with Chris Marek, whom she began dating in 2017. The couple married on August 28, 2021, and their wedding was filmed and later shown on LPBW.

Following their divorce, Amy sold Matt her 32 acres of the farm for $975,000.

Matt gave Amy the surprise of her life on the season 25 premiere, when he told her he intended to leave whatever part of Roloff Farms he still owned to her upon his death. Amy was completely blindsided as Caryn explained it was actually her idea that the farm go to Matt’s ex.

Caryn explained how Matt and Amy were a family “in the first part of your life,” and that they “built and worked for this farm. I came in later and I don’t want it and I don’t want to take away from the people who built it, the family, the kids.”

Little People, Big Word Cast: Which Roloffs Are on the Show?
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Is Zach Roloff Still on ‘Little People, Big World’?

Zach was the last of the four Roloff children to appear on the show, starring through season 25. He and wife Tori Roloff announced on the February 22, 2024, episode of their “Raising Heights” podcast that they were leaving LPBW.

“I don’t think it’s been officially announced to people like we are not coming back to Little People, Big World. We are done. That part in our lives, that chapter has closed,” Tori explained.

Zach said of filming their final season of the series, “This last cycle was rough between the family, the farm deal, and we were done with it. We moved on.” The duo added that their kids played a role, as eldest son Jackson had become uncomfortable with having his life filmed.

During the podcast, Zach reminisced about growing up on television on LPBW. “Yeah, there’s episodes I regret and there’s things I’ve said that I regret. I think overall would I do it again and not do the show – obviously now that I know as an adult – I would do it again, but there are definitely parts that I wish I would change,” he told viewers.

Matt and Zach had feuded for the last several seasons over the sale of Roloff Farms. In season 23, Zach walked away from the bargaining table and saying the negotiations with his father were a “toxic situation.”

When Matt announced he was putting 16 acres and the main home up for sale in May 2022, he said in his Instagram post, “My ultimate hope was that the entire Roloff Farms property would stay in our family for generations to come. Keeping that dream alive at this point was just not meant to be.”

Zach called it a “shocking new low of cowardice and manipulation” in a comment on his dad’s Instagram post.

“This post is extremely misguided and false. My dad is manipulating the narrative right before the season comes out,” he wrote. “Once again, like he has for most of his life, [he is] not taking responsibility for his own actions and blaming others. Dragging the family drama that he created and then manipulate the fanbase to make himself come out OK.”

Is Jeremy Roloff Still on ‘Little People, Big World’?

Zach’s twin brother, Jeremy, grew up on television like the rest of his siblings. Fans watched as he met and fell in love with wife Audrey Roloff, who made her reality TV debut in 2013. The pair wed the following year, which was shown on LPBW, along with welcoming their first child, daughter Ember.

After sharing his life with fans since 2006, Jeremy’s final episode aired in 2019 after he and Audrey announced their decision to depart LPBW the year prior.

“After 14 years, over 300 episodes, and 17 seasons, the time has come,” Jeremy told fans in a July 2018 Facebook post. “A year ago, I made the decision that this season would be our last. It has been an amazing run, and I can’t say thank you enough to all of you who have watched and supported us along the ride.”

Is Molly Roloff Still on ‘Little People, Big World’?

Matt and Amy’s only daughter left the show in 2019, deciding she wanted to live a more private life after growing up on television.

Molly married Joel Silvius on the family’s farm in August 2017, after the pair fell in love while in college. The couple live in Spokane, Washington, where she works as a senior accountant for Nordstrom. Media-shy Molly occasionally appears in her family’s social media posts but has not made a return to LPBW.

Is Jacob Roloff Still on ‘Little People, Big World’?

As the youngest of Matt and Amy’s four children, Jacob wasn’t featured as much as his siblings and left the show in 2016, vowing never to return.

“I get comments on here all the time about how people ‘miss me on the show’ or telling me I should ‘do a few more episodes’ with the family. I’m posting this to say that that will never happen,” Jeremy wrote in a social media post shortly after his departure.

“For me, noticing how the agenda of the crew doesn’t work well with the health and happiness of our family is what made me decide quite a while ago that I could not be a part of it as soon as I was able,” he added.

There’s no bad blood between Jacob and his dad, as he continues to work on the Roloff family farm, running the pumpkin operations and doing handyman tasks including construction and irrigation.

Jacob’s wife, Isabel, confirmed in a July 2023 post on her newsletter that the two reside on Matt’s Helvetia, Oregon, property.

“You all know how much I value transparency, so I wanted to get real with ya’ll and answer the most common question I get: Yes, we do live on the farm,” she wrote.

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