They’re gone! Zach and Tori Roloff have confirmed fan speculation that they’re leaving Little People, Big World and won’t be filming the show in the future.

“Let’s just talk about the elephant in the room. Are we coming back to Little People, Big World?” Tori, 32 , said on the Thursday, February 22, episode of their “Raising Heights” podcast. Zach, 32, replied, “We are not. We made that pretty clear the last cycle.”

The pair are currently ​appearing on season 25, which premiered on Tuesday February 20, but won’t be back for further seasons.

“But I don’t think it’s been officially announced to people like we are not coming back to Little People, Big World. We are done. That part in our lives, that chapter has closed,” Tori added about their future with the reality series.

Zach revealed that the couple had not been formally asked to return for season 26. “I think the chapter has closed regardless of us being asked back or not. We made it pretty clear we’re done with that chapter for multiple reasons.”

He continued, “Because we made that pretty clear, they haven’t asked us back technically, but this last cycle was rough between the family, the farm deal, and we were done with it. We moved on.”

Tori explained how the couple’s oldest child, son Jackson, 6, had already expressed his displeasure with being filmed for reality TV. The pair share two other children: ​Lilah, 4, and Josiah, 22 months.

“Our oldest, Jackson, has voiced things he doesn’t want to be a part of with filming and the show, and I think that as a parent, we’ve really taken that to heart. I think that was a huge reason for us stepping away,” she told listeners.

Zach was quick to clarify that wasn’t the main decision behind their quitting the series, adding their children were “one of the reasons, cause that’s not our kids’ burden.”

He opened up about how fans saw his life unfold after more than two decades on the series. Tori asked her husband if he ever regretted episodes that he “filmed as a kid.”

“Yeah, there’s episodes I regret and there’s things I’ve said that I regret. I think overall would I do it again and not do the show – obviously now that I know as an adult – I would do it again, but there are definitely parts that I wish I would change.”

Zach was the last remaining child of Matt and Amy Roloff to still regularly appear on the series. His twin brother, Jeremy, sister Molly and younger brother Jacob have all departed the show since its premiere in 2006.

Tori met Zach in 2010 while working on the Roloff family pumpkin farm in Helvetia, Oregon. The farm became the site of the couple’s July 2015 wedding in front of 200 guests.

Tori hinted in March 2023 that they might be leaving LPBW with a cryptic Instagram message. “There are a lot of big changes on the horizon for Zach and I and our family,” she shared alongside a selfie. “I’m really looking forward to all the new things that we get to do together while also saying goodbye to things we’ve done forever!”

She previously said in 2022, “I think our time is definitely coming to a close, but we’re trying to enjoy it while it’s here!” while expressing her frustration of viewers only getting to see edited versions of her family.

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