Roloff Farms has a brand a new home on the property, as Little People, Big World star Matt Roloff is nearly done constructing the dream home he will share with fiancée Caryn Chandler. It has been a long process that is finally coming to fruition.

Why Did Matt Roloff Build a New Home on Roloff Farms?

Despite the farm already hosting a gorgeous home the pair could share, Caryn admitted she didn’t want to live in the big house that Matt once previously shared with his ex-wife and four children.

“If Caryn would move in, I’d probably, you know, that would probably be an efficient way to move forward in life,” Matt explained of the family home in a June 2022 confessional.

While Caryn wanted to “stay open-minded” to the idea, she admitted, “It’s probably not a good decision for so many reasons.”

“If we were to have Thanksgiving here, you know, the kids would come in and have that baggage of Amy cooking in there and now I’m trying … it’s really just the emotions behind it,” she explained.

“People can get over that stuff, but we don’t have to do that,” Caryn continued. “You have options. Having this giant house, it almost feels unfair, right? It should go to a family with kids.”

When Did Construction Begin on Matt Roloff and Caryn Chandler’s New Home?

In a June 2022 Instagram post, Matt shared a video of his excavator being worked on with what a   ppeared to be a blowtorch. “Flipping the cutting edge on track hoe bucket,” he wrote in the caption of the post. “Now that the rains are gone I can start digging out for the new house.”

Matt also shared that the direction of the house had changed from southwest to directly west. “We’re going to point the house that way instead of that way. So, that little teeny maneuver is causing me to do a lot of digging.” With the home facing directly west, he and Caryn would be able to watch gorgeous sunsets together.

Matt Roloff’s Son Jacob Roloff Helped Out With the Construction

Just hours of Matt shared footage of the digging process, son Jacob Roloff revealed that he was helping his dad out. “Got offered a side gig digging Geotech test holes today,” Jacob wrote on his Instagram Stories. Test holes are preliminary digs that ensure the ground is stable enough to build upon.

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Have Matt Roloff and Caryn Chandler Moved Into Their New Home Yet?

As of February 2024, the house was almost finished. Matt gave a video tour via Instagram showing the gorgeous interior on February 28. “We’re happy about the way things are coming in the house,” he said while panning from the kitchen past the dining room to sliding glass doors that showed off the couple’s large backyard.

The doors opened up onto a large veranda that “we’re very happy about,” as it looked out onto a small barn Matt built at the opposite end of the property.

A ​big-screen TV sat along a large stone wall while the rest of the living room featured brown leather chairs, a wooden coffee table and a chic area rug. While Matt turned and showed the rest of the home, floor-to-ceiling windows let light in near the entryway, with dark brown hardwood floors throughout the home.

Who Lives in the Main Roloff Farms Family Home?

Matt decided to put the home and part of the farm on the market in May 2022 for $4 million.

“All of @rolofffarms has brought me and our family great joy for the past 30+ years! Today 16 acres of the farm’s 109 acres go up for sale including our original family home and bright red barn,” he wrote in an Instagram post, adding, “It’s a tiny bit scary but mostly exciting … it’s time to move toward the next season of life.”

Matt eventually took the home off the market after a price reduction and turned it into a vacation rental property.

Matt Roloff Teased an Engagement Before Building the Home

While in the planning stages of the home, Matt not only thought about the future of the farm but also his relationship.

“Building this house, it’s feeling a little more real,” Matt explained to Caryn over lunch. “The day I break ground, that’s when we should commit and get engaged.”

The pumpkin farmer made good on his promise, as he asked Caryn to marry him in April 2023, to which she happily said “yes.”

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