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Teen Mom 2’s Kailyn Lowry, Briana Dejesus and Ashley Jones’ Feud Explained: Drama Timeline

Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry was accused of getting “cut” from the Tuesday, June 8, episode by Briana Dejesus, and their feud has gotten messy. Keep reading for an explanation about what’s going on between the MTV ladies. 

“I won’t be on the episode, I just found that out, so check out my podcast, catch up on all the tea,” Kailyn, 29, told followers on her Instagram Story while promoting her podcasts “Baby Mamas, No Drama” and “Coffee Convos,” where costar Ashley Jones would be appearing.

However, Briana, 27, claimed while responding to a fan in her Instagram comments that she and Jade Cline got Kailyn cut from the episode, later citing they had “more footage” than the 16 and Pregnant alum.  

Briana elaborated further in her Instagram Story after her comment. “[You] didn’t choose to not be in the episode. They left you out. Stop lying,” she wrote, adding a smiling face with halo emoji. 

According to Briana, who said she was told about her costar’s drama by “[Kailyn’s] people that she [trusts],” the author was “cut” from the episode because she did not want to detail her September 2020 arrest for “offensive touching” after an incident with ex Chris Lopez, with whom she shares sons Lux and Creed. The charges were dropped against Kailyn the following February. 

The week of filming for Teen Mom 2 took place in January when Jade, 23, got her Brazilian Butt Lift procedure, and the following week, Kailyn was due in court for her hearing where the charges were dropped.

“I don’t want to be [part] of any type of franchise that isn’t real,” Briana continued. “Let [people] know [you] got arrested for hitting your [baby daddy] and talk about it!” Briana noted she felt “some way” about the situation because she “always” has to film. “For someone to be able to pick and choose isn’t being real, and I signed on a show to be real,” she added. 

When a fan said Kailyn was “quiet as hell” amid the drama, Briana said she was “trying to protect her name and brand.” However, the Delaware native did eventually take to her own Instagram Story with her version of events, noting she waited to respond to “play by the rules.”

“I’ve been going back and forth on whether I should address this or not, mainly because all of our contracts say we actually can’t make statements about the episodes … without having it approved,” Kailyn explained. “But since other people are just kind of making false allegations or not really true statements, I kind of just want to clear the air. So, I will explain why I’m not in tonight’s episode, and it’s really not that big of a deal.”

The podcast host reiterated that she “chose not to participate” in the episode because she didn’t think the “content” the producers wanted to film felt “genuine or authentic” to her. 

“I don’t feel like I should be making a storyline out of Chris or Javi [Marroquin] or Jo [Rivera] if I don’t feel like that is truly as much a part of my life as it would … seem on the show,” she explained. “I have a lot of things going on for me business-wise, my house, my kids, things like that that I wanted to film, and they really weren’t interested.”

Kailyn explained the “timeline” of events was “a little weird” but assured fans “nobody cut [her] out” and “it had nothing to do with Briana and Jade.”

“I chose not to film things that did not feel genuine to me or to my story,” she continued. “Truly choosing like my peace of mind over a paycheck, and I have the ability to be able to authentic and to be unscripted and be real on my podcast. And I want to continue filming for Teen Mom so long as it feels genuine and real. And if it doesn’t, then that feels OK for me to skip out on an episode. So, I’m glad we were able to work out my storyline for the rest of the season and tune in to my podcast.”

Kailyn added, “Nobody’s pressed. Nobody’s bothered. Just don’t be spreading false things and everything is good.”

Ashley, 24, stepped in to defend Kailyn and called Briana a “punk ass bitch” on Instagram. “Stop trying to insinuate something. You know damn well why she wasn’t in tonight’s episode and it had nothing to do with you,” Ashley said. “When fake is fake, I see it and I call it out.”

Briana apologized on her Instagram Story the next day and said she didn’t mean for things to “get crazy,” adding, “I apologize for saying things I probably should have kept to myself.”

So much went down between the cast of Teen Mom 2Keep scrolling for more info inside the drama!

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