Teen Mom’s Ashley Jones reveals whether she’s still with Bar Smith in an exclusive interview with In Touch, and where their relationship is currently.

“You know, we’re just chugging along — learning something new every day,” she says, laughing, when asked how her relationship with Bar Smith is going.

Ashley, 24, responded whether she would stand by Bar, 25, no matter what he does, answering, “I don’t know. Some days, I’m ready to call it quits. Some days I’m like, you know what, we’re going the distance. I think it depends on what I’ve eaten, uh, how good I slept … there’s a lot of factors in there.”


Teen Mom Ashley Jones Tells All On Relationship With Bar Smith
Courtesy Bar Smith/Instagram


The Teen Mom star reveals that one of the biggest challenges to her marriage is “definitely communication.” She continued, “You know when you’re not together, I mean, when you’re not married, it’s easy to say ‘I’m done, I’m over you, I’m leaving you!’ And then um, when you’re married, those words become ‘I’m divorcing you’ or [we’re] ‘getting divorced.’ And that’s just really heavy, so, I think that communication is the biggest thing because that avoids so many bigger, blown-out problems.”

The TV personality and Bar got engaged during season 10 of Teen Mom 2 and admitted to “secretly” getting married at the Teen Mom: Family Reunion, having tied the knot “five or six months” prior to the reunion filming.

She says that her life coach Dr. Bryant is “very insightful” and admits that “sometimes I switch to that defensive little girl, but I’m with my husband — so I shouldn’t have to do that. And so I think realizing that who I’m showing up as, now it’s a conscious thing for me, versus a subconscious thing,” Ashley shares.

Teen Mom Ashley Jones Tells All On Relationship With Bar Smith
Courtesy Ashley Jones/Instagram

The reality star couple first met in 2015, and a friendship quickly turned into a romance. Soon after, Ashley became pregnant with her daughter Holly when she was just 19. Holly was born in September 2017, and Ashley made her reality TV debut when she first appeared on 16 and Pregnant and again in 2018 when she starred in Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant.

Although the couple had intentions to remain committed to each other, Ashley’s mom made it difficult for the pair to stay together because of her dislike and disapproval of Bar. The tension between Bar and Ashley’s parents kept rising until Bar was arrested for a conflict between him and his then-girlfriend’s parents in 2018. The duo found themselves getting into arguments and having trouble seeing eye-to-eye, and fans speculated their split in the summer of 2019.

Ashley then announced in November 2020 that the pair had been engaged since May 2019. The couple sparked marriage rumors when Ashley addressed Bar as her “husband” in an Instagram post in December 2021.

The reality star reveals that for the upcoming seasons of the show, fans can look forward to seeing the couple’s first year of marriage and how much pressure it put on them. “There’s all this pressure, all of a sudden all these things that they are now very important — because now it’s not like ‘we might spend the rest of our lives’ it’s like ‘we are spending the rest of our lives.’”

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