Is she calling out her ex? 90 Day Fiancé star Varya Malina seemingly shaded Geoffrey Paschel on Instagram as she shared a photo taken in his home state of Tennessee. Posing in front of a butterfly mural, she urged fans not to “let anyone clip [their] wings.” Speaking directly to her followers, she continued, “You deserve to fly!”

Varya, 30, and Geoffrey, 41, clashed on Before the 90 Days after she rejected his proposal. Though she said “not now” and not “no,” the American insisted it was a “now or never” kind of thing and decided he was done. After he returned home from Russia, he cut off contact entirely — and by the time his ex showed up at his door to prove she was still serious about their relationship, even though she wasn’t ready to get engaged, he’d already moved on to someone new.

Though there’s a chance things will still work out for the couple, fans aren’t confident there will be a romantic reunion. One even claimed the Tennessee native never “truly loved” his ex because he refused to give her the time she needed to think about what their future together might look like. Though Geoffrey clearly didn’t agree, he also didn’t seem bothered by the accusation. “To each their own,” he replied with a shrug emoji. “I didn’t want to [wait for her]. My expectations were not met just as hers apparently weren’t either.”

Varya also weighed in on their relationship on social media, condemning her ex-boyfriend for giving her an “ultimatum.” Reflecting on the May 3 episode, she wrote, “Will you marry me or it’s over. … Oh, I spit on ultimatums! The fact is that my world is not black and white. It has many colors and many decisions and solutions even from a deadlock — you just need a desire to find them.”

Inset Photo of Geoffrey Paschel Over Photo of Varya Malina
Courtesy Varya Malina/Instagram; Courtesy Geoffrey Paschel/Instagram

Though neither half of the couple participated in the virtual reunion, which leaked online ahead of the finale, both have promised to share their own tell-alls after the show. “The full story of what else was left behind the scenes and was not included because of editing, I will tell in my first YouTube video,” the Russian beauty assured her followers. Geoffrey promised his own video series was “coming soon” on Instagram, asking, “Isn’t the truth so much better than fiction?”

We’ll have to wait to get the final answer about where these two stand, but we’re not holding our breath for a happily ever after.

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