Was it the real deal? 90 Day Fiancé star Geoffrey Paschel shrugged off accusations he never “truly loved” ex-girlfriend Varya Malina after he dumped her for turning down his proposal. After fans saw the Before the 90 Days star tell his girlfriend it was over when she revealed she wasn’t ready for an engagement, they called him out for not giving the Russian beauty space — but he wasn’t interested in their opinion.

“I can understand that you [were] hurt that she said ‘not yet’ to your proposal, but not yet didn’t mean ‘never.’ It just meant that she needed more time,” one of his followers wrote in his Instagram comments on Wednesday, May 20. “If you would have truly loved her, you would have given her that time and not [ended] the relationship and [moved on to] the next best woman. I can’t understand this behavior.”

90 Day Fiance Star Geoffrey Paschel Shrugs Off Claims He Didn't Truly Love Ex Girlfriend Varya Malina
Courtesy Geoffrey Paschel/Instagram

Geoffrey, 41, wasn’t worried about explaining himself. “To each their own,” he responded with a shrug emoji. When the fan pushed for a better response, he continued, “I didn’t want to [wait for her]. My expectations were not met just as hers apparently weren’t either.”

Though Varya, 30, never claimed her ex didn’t meet her “expectations,” she insisted she needed time to process all of the revelations he shared in Russia. “I love him, but I’m not sure I could trust him in everything. I’m not ready,” she told cameras during the May 3 episode of the show. “I don’t want to lie. I don’t want to say yes and then change my mind. … If it is [our] destiny, then time doesn’t matter.”

Inset Photo of Varya Malina Over Photo of Geoffrey Paschel
Courtesy Geoffrey Paschel/Instagram; Courtesy Varya Malina/Instagram

On May 16, she took to Instagram to further voice her feelings on what exactly went down between them. “Will you marry me or it’s over. When I said ‘not yet,’ I didn’t even suspect the unvoiced ultimatum,” she wrote. “I spit on ultimatums! The fact is that my world is not black and white. It has many colors and many decisions and solutions even from a deadlock – you just need a desire to find them.”

Though fans will see what plays out between the couple on the rest of season 4, both stars promised to tell the “full story” about what was left out of the show in their own tell-alls. It sounds like there is still plenty of drama waiting to go down.


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