Did she say yes? 90 Day Fiancé star Geoffrey Paschel popped the question to Varya Malina on the May 3 episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days. However, the show ended before she gave her answer, leaving fans wondering if wedding bells are in the couple’s future — and if they’re still together. Keep scrolling to find out if Varya and Geoffrey are engaged.

Geoffrey came clean to Varya about his prison time.

When Geoffrey, 41, flew out to visit girlfriend Varya, 30, in Russia, he was still keeping secrets. Eventually, he decided to open up about his legal troubles in the past — and the time that he spent in prison. During the April 12 episode, he told her about the drug charges that landed him in jail in the late 1990s.

According to court documents obtained by In Touch, he was arrested in Blount County, Tennessee for possession of a schedule VI controlled substance (which includes marijuana), possession of a schedule II controlled substance (which includes opiates/opioids, cocaine, methadone, methamphetamines, and amphetamines) with intent to resell and possession of a schedule I controlled substance (which includes heroin and psychedelics like LSD, psilocybin mushrooms and peyote/mescaline). He later pleaded guilty to the charges and was sentenced to 11 months and 29 days in jail.

90 Day Fiance Stars Geoffrey and Varya With Her Niece
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The confession caused some major problems.

Though the Tennessee native tried to explain the circumstances that got him to that point, his girlfriend wasn’t exactly understanding. “Have you ever thought about families you have hurt by your actions?” she asked him. “You know, my cousin died from that stuff. He was only 28 years old. The mother, she was inconsolable because she lost her son. I can’t believe you could help somebody to die.” The admission almost ended the couple’s relationship. “If you told me, I would have never ever talked to you,” Varya told him on the show.

But they made it through together.

The stars decided to keep working on their relationship — and eventually Geoffrey shared the full truth with his girlfriend’s family, too. In the May 3 episode, they looked back on how far they’d come as a couple. “I want you to look at this as us being two old people in a rocking chair sitting on a porch together forever, if that’s where this is gonna go,” the American said. “I came here with the intention of either proposing to you or not proposing to you.”

With her boyfriend heading home soon, Varya knew she’d have to make up her mind about how she felt and be ready to give him an answer. And that’s when the question came. “I don’t think I would give [our time in Russia] up for anything. I think it’s been wonderful. We’ve hit all the emotions, we’ve hit the love and the upset and the crying, mad, all of it. And that’s what a relationship does over the course of time,” Geoffrey told the Russian beauty. “We’ve talked about my past and you’ve accepted me for me. I think you made me a better person. I truly do. … I want to continue this adventure with you.” When he got down on one knee, he asked that one important question. “Will you marry me?”

Varya and Geoffrey on 90 Day Fiance Before the 90 Days

Are Geoffrey and Varya engaged?

Their segment on the May 10 episode started where the previous one left off: with Geoffrey down on one knee. After a period of awkward silence, Varya finally spoke. “I want to say that you are absolutely an amazing, wonderful man and we’ve spent [a] great time here in Russia. Maybe we are going too quick?” she asked. “So you’re basically saying no?” Geoffrey asked.

Varya asked him to sit down next to her. “This is a good step. Great. Maybe not now? I’m not ready to leave everything here,” she explained. “Basically, this is a no,” Geoffrey responded. “[I’m] just [saying] not now,” she said.

While Varya was honest with Geoffrey about not feeling ready to get engaged, she still wanted to remain in a relationship. But Geoffrey was hurt and he made it clear that he didn’t think they had a future together if Varya didn’t want to marry him. They seemed to break up for good right before Geoffrey got on a plane to return to the United States.

What about after the show?

We’ll have to wait to see if Geoffrey has a change of heart but there are even more obstacles waiting for them after the American returns home. In real life, Geoffrey’s dealing with even more legal troubles. According to court documents obtained by In Touch, he’s facing aggravated kidnapping, domestic assault, interference with an emergency call and vandalism charges after an alleged altercation that took place in June 2019.

Though he told local newspaper Knox News that he is not guilty, he was set to return to court in March. However, due to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, his court date was pushed to June 26.

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