Yvette “Yve” Arellano tried her luck with an international romance on season 9 of 90 Day Fiancé with her Egyptian love interest, Mohamed Abdelhamed. However, that isn’t all she does. The TLC newbie works as a healer for a living and explained she was content until her whole world changed when “a man half my age” slid into her DMs. Keep reading to find out everything we know about Yve, her job and more.

How Old Is Yve Arellano on ‘90 Day Fiance’?

Yve is 48 years old. The reality TV personality shares a 24-year age gap with her Egyptian ex, who is 25 years old.

What Does ‘90 Day Fiance’ Star Yve Arellano Do For a Living?

“I am a licensed acupuncturist and massage therapist,” the mom of one opened up during the season 9 premiere. “I love making a difference in people’s lives and assisting them in their healing journeys.”

Yve is trained dually as a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Licensed Massage Therapist, according to her professional biography. The holistic health professional offers a variety of services from acupuncture to therapeutic massages.

“Any time I have an issue with my body, I come and see my dear friend, Yve,” her friend Tatiana added on camera, as the practitioner performed cupping therapy, an ancient form of alternative medicine that helps with “pain, inflammation, blood flow, relaxation and well-being, and as a type of deep-tissue massage,” defined by Web MD.

According to Glassdoor, the salary for an acupuncturist can average $62,230 in New Mexico. 

Yve Arellano and Mohamed Abdelhamed Clashed Over Their Beliefs 

While the New Mexico native feels her Native American roots have led her “on the path of being a healer,” it’s clear her partner from Egypt does not agree. 

In a July 2022 episode, Yve invited her then-fiancé to participate in a traditional fire ceremony with her friends in an effort to cleanse the “negative energy” going on between them. “Fire ceremonies are used commonly in Native American cultures to cleanse and purify,” Yve detailed in a confessional. “And also let go of things that maybe have been difficult or hard.”

However, the experience has the opposite effect on her partner. 

“I felt that I’m in a movie,” Mohamed confessed. “I’m not okay with Yve’s beliefs. If we wish something, why we, don’t ask God? Like, fire has nothing to do with wishes.”

“If that’s how Yve and her friends practice their spirituality, that goes against my beliefs,” he added. 

Are Yve and Mohamed Still Together?

Despite tying the knot on the season 9 finale, Mohamed and Yve split after less than one year of marriage, In Touch exclusively confirmed on August 22. 

Marital bliss for the international lovers would end by the tell-all as Mohamed would confess to having inappropriate relationships with women online

“You know, it’s very shocking, raw, disappointing, saddening,” she said at the end of the episode after discovering damaging text messages. “He chose to spend his time focused on starting other relationships and engaging in activity that a married man should not be engaging in. … I asked him if I could see his phone, and that happened and I saw inappropriate things. I saw pictures and calls, and put the pieces together.” 

TLC showed screenshots of the text messages onscreen, one of which read, “I would just keep you in bed for days.” In another message that appeared to be from Mohamed, he wrote, “I will go to the attorney right after I get the green card.”

Amid the cheating scandal, In Touch exclusively confirmed that Yve was charged on August 15 with one count of battery and one count of assault after her estranged husband accused her of attacking him while trying to gain access to his phone. 

A rep for Yve dismissed the charges and claimed they were “falsified by Mohamed.”

“Mohamed and the woman he has been cheating on Yve with have discussed his options from the very beginning,” Dominique Enchinton, of Dominton Talent House, told In Touch. “They specifically discussed a U-Visa and how Mohamed could qualify for this just in case Yve found out about his indiscretions.” 

Prior to the scandal, the pair were still going strong as of June 2022 as Yve shared a snap of the couple in the studio making music together. 

Courtesy of Yvette Arellano/Instagram

“I’ve shared some seemingly interesting ideas & dreams with this man. He doesn’t roll his eyes, though a few of these dreams may cause a slight arch of his eyebrow,” she gushed in the caption. “One thing many don’t know about this man, is that he is ready to support me in whatever endeavor I undertake. We both are very different people, we have vast differences. It’s those differences that make the synchronicity and our connection and bond so intense.”

The single mom ended the post by thanking Mohamed for his “love and support, unweathered resilience” and for joining her on this “incredible journey.”

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