It’s getting messy. 90 Day Fiancé star Mohamed Abdelhamed admitted to cheating on wife Yve Arellano by sending other women text messages during part 2 of the season 9 tell-all episode, and she didn’t hold back in slamming her ex. 

“Let me be clear. Of course I blame him as well,” the Albuquerque native wrote via her Instagram Stories on Sunday, August 21, after the episode aired on Discovery+ that day. “First time I get to say anything though. Everyone was demanding I say something [and] finally get to, so just take it as facts … [and] one of these women was still married as well.” 

Not only that, but Yve also shared a few other quotes via her Instagram Stories, including one that read, “Queens don’t compete with hoes,” and another that read, “And home wreckers, They, these!!!! Plural were both! #desperado.” 

In part 2 of the tell-all episode, the acupuncturist discovered text messages between Mohamed and another woman. 

‘90 Day Fiance’ Mohamed, Yve Cheating: Read Text Messages
Courtesy of Discovery+

“You know, it’s very shocking, raw, disappointing, saddening,” she said at the end of the episode. “He chose to spend his time focused on starting other relationships and engaging in activity that a married man should not be engaging in. … I asked him if I could see his phone, and that happened and I saw inappropriate things. I saw pictures and calls, and put the pieces together.” 

Mohamed then explained what happened in his confessional. 

‘90 Day Fiance’ Mohamed, Yve Cheating: Read Text Messages
Courtesy of Discovery+

“I met a girl online,” he recalled. “She was very nice, I thought we [were] friends … And then, things started to get bigger. Yve saw my phone. She saw the text messages, and that’s how Yve knew.” 

‘90 Day Fiance’ Mohamed, Yve Cheating: Read Text Messages
Courtesy of Discovery+

TLC showed the text messages during Mohamed’s scene, one of which appeared to be a message from him to another woman that read, “I would just keep you in bed for days,” which was followed by a second text that read, “Just kidding lol [sic],” seemingly from Mohamed. In another message that appeared to be from Mohamed, he wrote, “I will go to the attorney right after I get the green card.” 

He concluded his confessional, however, by noting that he “wanted to make [the situation] right” by telling the other unidentified women he could not talk to them anymore. 

“I texted these women and told them, ‘I am a married man. Please stop texting me,’” Mohamed claimed before wiping away some tears. “I know I did wrong. I told the same story to my wife and promised her that will never happen again. I do love Yve, and she doesn’t deserve that.” 

Their relationship was seemingly doomed from the start, as Mohamed made it a point that he wanted to be with a person who was “like [his] mother.” 

During a scene from a May 2022 episode, the Egypt native said, “My perfect woman is a woman who will love me like my mother.” In the following scene, the pair were in Yve’s kitchen and she showed him a carton of eggs, a pan and spatula, expecting Mohamed to prepare himself breakfast while he appeared confused.

“Yve made me frustrated because I expect her to cook for me because my mom always cooks for me,” Mohamed said in the episode. “I expect Yve to do the same.” 

Afterward, the couple argued about Yve wearing a bikini with Mohamed pointing out he didn’t appreciate that. 

“You told me, ‘You’re wearing a bikini. You’re naked!’ I was not naked! I don’t want to be judged,” Yve snapped at him. She then told producers in her confessional, “I don’t want to be judged. I’m a grown-ass woman.” 

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