Despite her son’s harsh opposition, 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way star Debbie Aguero left her life in Georgia to move across the world to Morocco to be with the love of her life, Oussama. But has the reality TV personality been able to make life work with her new romance in the North African country? Keep scrolling to find out if Debbie is still in Morocco with Oussama or back in America. 

How Did ‘90 Day Fiance’ Stars Debbie and Oussama Meet?

The Georgia native met her fiancé on social media after he complimented her artwork. 

“We had so much in common. And he would send me pictures of his paintings and poetry,” Debbie explained during her debut on the February 19, 2023, episode. “And every now and then, I’d get another message, and then all of a sudden, he’s like a tree that takes root in your heart.” 

After speaking online for six months, Debbie traveled to Morocco to visit Oussama for the first time in person. Despite the pair sharing a more than 40-year age difference, it wasn’t until their first in person meeting that she realized how much younger he actually was. 

“At first I said, ‘Look, Oussama, I just can’t do this, you’re too young,’” she continued in a solo interview. “But he made me see that it wasn’t about the age and circumstances. It’s about a deeper level and connectivity and us being a team.” By the time April episodes rolled around, Debbie said that she felt “ten years older” after staying at Oussama’s family home. 

After two trips to Morocco and three years of communicating, Oussama asked Debbie to move overseas and be his wife. 

Why Doesn’t ‘90 Day Fiance’ Star Oussama Move to the United States?

While Debbie said it would be “wonderful” if she could bring Oussama to the United States, she didn’t think it was a realistic option. 

“But you know, they are gonna look at my date of birth, and his date of birth,” she detailed in another scene. “You know, it’s gonna be almost impossible for him to get a visa.” 

For his part, Oussama told Debbie that his plan was to go to America, and if that were to change, their relationship would be over.

Did 90 Day Fiance’s Debbie Move to Morocco?

During the spinoff, fans watched as Debbie packed up her home in Sugar Hill, Georgia, and relocated to be with her fiancé overseas. Her son Julian — who happens to be a lieutenant in the police department — was fiercely against the idea and felt Oussama was “manipulating” his mom to move.

“I am very afraid once my mom is there, she wouldn’t hesitate transferring all her American funds and money into an account that he has access to,” Julian explained. “And the way that she is talking about supporting him in the future, tells me that she has already supported him and is keeping stuff from us. I trust a lot of things. I don’t trust Oussama, not one bit.” 

Following her move to Morocco during the March 19, 2023, episode, Debbie learned that Oussama wanted her to return back to the United States after a few months.

90 Day Fiance Debbie Live 1

“I had expectations, and I believed your word to me, that you loved me, and we were to get married and now you’re telling me you’re not going to marry me, and this is a two-month test drive?” Debbie asked him, adding that she “moved mountains” and hurt her children in order to move to Morocco.

In a private confessional, she confessed she was caught off guard by Oussama’s request and admitted she didn’t know him as well as she thought. 

While the pair seemingly got on better terms after riding camels together, Oussama made it clear that he hoped his relationship with Debbie would secure him a U.S. green card.

After getting into a blowup argument, the U.S. native left Oussama’s family home with her suitcases. In one last attempt to reconcile their relationship, Debbie received a text from Oussama asking to meet at a nearby cafe. During the conversation, Debbie pointed out Oussama’s “inability” to tell her of his plan for them to move to the United States.

“You’re making everything about a visa,” Debbie told Oussama. “I’m making everything about a life.”

Debbie added that Oussama didn’t have “enough strong love” for her, and he fired back by telling her that he was convinced she never truly believed he loved her. 

As the fight continued, Debbie seemingly ended things with Oussama and told producers the experience with him was “like sticking your finger in a light socket.”

“This time to fly back to the United States, eat crow, come back with my tail between my legs,” she told cameras as she prepared to fly overseas during the May 7 episode. “Julian and Sandy’s warnings became reality and I need to pay attention and listen and wake up from this fantasy.”

Where Does Debbie Live, Morocco or America?

Following her split from Oussama, Debbie is seemingly back in the United States. 

“Look who I found, I am taking the passport away!!” Julian shared via Instagram alongside a selfie with his mom on May 10. In another post shared that day, he recorded Debbie as she struggled to use her phone. 

90 Day Fiance Where Does Debbie Live Morocco America
Courtesy of Julian/Instagram

“I can do anything, but when it comes to electronics I suck big time!” she told the camera. Meanwhile Julian joked, “You didn’t suck that hard buying a ticket to Morocco did you.” 

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