She’s got her own! 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way star Debbie Aguero may have moved across the world to be her fiancé, Oussama, but she left a whole business at home! Keep reading to find out how Debbie makes money, her net worth and more. 

What Is ‘90 Day Fiance’ Star Debbie’s Net Worth?

Debbie’s net worth is not known, but it is estimated to be $400,000, according to Gossip Next Door

How Does ‘90 Day Fiance’ Star Debbie Make Money?

The reality TV personality is the founder of GemHouse Studio, an online boutique that strives to “present breathtaking gemstone jewelry and art to inspire a style and taste that’s abundant in creativity,” according to the business’ website. 

“Here at GemHouse, we adorn ourselves in kindness and inclusiveness and aim to make a difference through artistic endeavors,” the website’s mission statement read. “GemHouse Studio is welcomed and founded by Miss Debbie and her treasure chest is full of exquisite delights and inspiration to encourage others with meaning and purpose. To bring light in a dark world for all to shine.”

 90 Day Fiance Debbie Aguero Net Worth How She Makes Money 2

On her website, the Georgia native offers a curated collection of gems, along with handmade necklaces. She also has limited edition art prints available for purchase that she personally creates. 

The business owner also shared future plans to launch an artistic platform that would “shed light on emotional wellness.” 

“We seek to provide a refuge for emotional wellness through outlets and exploring creativity and talent,” Debbie continued. “I will use my love of gemstones and art to achieve this dream that will help others. My belief is that interaction with art and animals has led me on a better path. It is my goal to…be the difference.”

How Else Does ‘90 Day Fiance’ Star Debbie Make Money?

The mom of two also receives a paycheck for her appearances on the 90 Day Fiancé franchise. It is reported that the cast’s compensation works on a sliding scale. 

“90 Day Fiancé pays their cast members $1,000 to $1,500 per episode,” an insider told Radar, while landing a spot on a spinoff will score you more cash.

What Is ‘90 Day Fiance’ Star Oussama’s Net Worth?

While Oussama’s net worth is unknown, Debbie’s son, Julian, was worried that his mom’s new love interest was going to take advantage of her overseas. 

“Ever since I told Julian I was moving to Morocco to marry Oussama, he’s been pretty hateful about it,” Debbie told producers during the February 20 episode. “He thinks I’m going to get used and abused, and he thinks I’m gonna be, like, lost in the Sahara Desert or something.”

90 Day Fiance Debbie Aguero Net Worth How She Makes Money

Unfortunately, Julian was right after Oussama admitted he was hoping his relationship with Debbie would secure him a U.S. green card. 

Julian told his mother over video call that she should leave the Morrocco native, though she wasn’t sold on the idea. “I’m trying to readjust my thinking,” the artist replied during the May 7 episode. “Everything changed in an instant. This was a man I loved, and now he’s turned into somebody else.”

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