90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way stars Gabriel and Isabel’s international love story has played out for fans throughout season 4. Now, the pair is back for 90 Day Diaries season 5 — but are they still together? 

How Did ‘90 Day Fiance: The Other Way’ Stars Gabriel and Isabel Meet?

Gabriel is from Margate, Florida, and met Isabel while in Colombia looking for a new supplier for his business, which specializes in making underwear for transgender people.

While in South America, Gabriel found “immediate chemistry” with Isabel after meeting her at the home of a mutual friend. 

“That night we went out, we was kissing, we was dancing. We was hugging. It was a great night,” the Florida native told producers during their January 2023 debut, before admitting he was “relieved” to find out Isabel didn’t want to have sex on their first meeting. “Because she did not know that I was trans.” 

The next morning, Gabriel decided that he had to come clean and let Isabel know through text message. 

“It couldn’t have worked out in my favor any better,” the entrepreneur went on. After Isabel confirmed that it didn’t matter to her as she saw him as a man, a few months later she moved out of her family home in Medellín, Colombia. After many back-and-forth trips, Gabriel had plans to move to Colombia and propose to her. 

What Has ‘90 Day Fiance’ Star Isabel Said About Learning that Gabe is Transgender?

Isabel admitted she was surprised to learn that Gabe is a trans man during the February 5, 2023, episode, adding that she learned more about his gender identity via social media.

“I began to see photos of his surgery. I began seeing that he was a trans guy,” she said during a confessional. “That was a big surprise for me. I would have never noticed because Gabe just looks like a man. I had a lot of questions because when I met him, I didn’t see any feminine traits in his body, voice, his face. Everything was perfectly of a man.”

Are 90 Day Fiance Stars Gabriel and Isabel Still Together

When it comes to their sex life, Isabel shared that she wasn’t sure what to expect and was “a bit scared” to become intimate.

“I didn’t know what I was going to find in a physical sense,” she said during the February 19, 2023, episode. “I didn’t even know what those surgeries entailed. For me, it was something incredible — and still is.”

The reality star learned that Gabe feels pleasure like any other man, though admitted she still had questions about the technicalities of sex with him.

“Clinically, medically, it’s so perfect,” Isabel said. “He can be stimulated. I touch him and he feels it.”

How Did Isabel’s Parents React After Learning Gabe Is Transgender?

Isabel’s father has expressed his approval for Gabe. However, Isabel feared that he will have a change of heart when he learns that Gabe is transgender. While out to dinner with friends during the March 19, 2023, episode, Isabel explained that her father is “very religious” and “very conservative.”

“I really didn’t know that he was super religious at all,” Gabe said in a confessional. “I didn’t know the gravity of the situation. That there were literally lists of reasons why he may not accept me. Because the only negative comments I get online are either from trolls or religious people saying I’m a sinner.”

Gabe added that it was “terrifying” that Isabel’s father might not accept him. Meanwhile, Isabel admitted she wasn’t sure how she would react if her father disapproved. “I don’t want my father to be upset with me,” she said, adding that family is “very important” to her.

Gabe then asked Isabel if she would choose him or her father if they aren’t met with approval from her parents. “I don’t know. If you don’t know what you’re going to say [to my parents], then I don’t know what decision I’m going to make,” she honestly answered.

“My heart is dropping right now because she just told me that she doesn’t know who she would pick — me or her family,” Gabe said in a confessional. “I did not expect that. In the back of my head, I thought that, no matter what, that we were going to be together. It makes me feel like our relationship isn’t as solid as I thought it was.”

Despite the initial fear over her parents’ feelings, Isabel’s father expressed his respect for Gabe during the April 2, 2023, episode.

90 Day Fiance Are Gabriel and Isabel Still Together

“I was expecting any kind of reaction from my parents,” Isabel said in a confessional. “But I wasn’t expecting them to have open arms right away. Honestly, I didn’t expect us to feel so supported, so loved. … My father surprised us because that love he showed when we gave him the news shows how much of a beautiful person he is. It’s really beautiful having a family that is unconditional, loving and respectful. I feel very lucky.”

When Did ‘90 Day Fiance’ Stars Gabriel and Isabel Get Engaged?

After Gabe earned approval from Isabel’s parents, he decided it was time to propose during the April 9, 2023, episode. The big moment took place at a pottery studio, where Gabe presented her with a ring on a plate that read, “Will you marry me?” Isabel happily said yes and the couple embraced.

“It was a beautiful moment because I really wanted it,” she said of the proposal. “I wished for it, but I didn’t know it was going to be so soon.”

Gabe then told Isabel that he asked for approval from both her father and her children before his popped the question.

“To have the consent of the children, he practically asked the kids’ permission first to keep going with what he had in mind,” she said of Gabe’s meaningful gesture. “Obviously to me it’s very important to see three of the people I love most in this world happy together and planning things for everyone’s future. For me, it’s complete happiness.”

Are ‘90 Day Fiance’ Stars Gabriel and Isabel Still Together?

The pair tied the knot in November 2022 and their wedding aired during the May 7, 2023, episode of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way

The pair gave an update about their relationship during the 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way tell-all on May 21, 2023. While they shared that they’re still together, Isabel admitted she worried that Gabe’s friend Trey would influence him to have a “loose lifestyle.”

“I have nothing against it, because it’s his life, but when it’s leading my husband to that, that’s when it matters to me,” she explained about Trey’s partying ways. Isabel added that Trey created “opportunities” for Gabe to meet other women.

Despite Isabel’s concerns that Gabe might meet other women while out on the town, the pair appeared to be going strong as they celebrated their one-year wedding anniversary in May 2023.

“She makes a beautiful bride and amazing mother,” Gabe wrote via Instagram on their anniversary. “Happy anniversary and happy mother’s day. Today’s the perfect day to celebrate many things and also share the world our wedding. I’d do it all over again.”

In December 2023, however, Gabe took to YouTube to give fans an update on his relationship with Isabel after fans noticed he had spent the last three months in Florida. The reality explained that his phone had been hacked and the hacker “cleaned out” his bank account, forcing him to return to the States to get his financial situation corrected. After learning that he overstayed his visa in Colombia, he was unable to return to the South American country until 2024.

He admitted that it “does kinda suck” being apart, though confirmed to fans that he and Isabel are still married. “I miss her. I love her. I miss our family, I miss the kids. I miss Milo,” Gabe said. “I feel like we’re probably growing apart from each other.”

Just one month later, fans noticed that all photos of the couple had been removed from their respective Instagram pages and they no longer followed each other.

‘90 Day Fiance’ Star Gabriel Confirmed His Split From Isabel

After months of speculation, Gabriel confirmed that he and Isabel were getting divorced. “I’m tired of making excuses for her,” he said in a February 2024 video uploaded to YouTube. The news came as a shock, given that the couple were planning to have a second wedding in Florida, as shown in the latest season of 90 Day Diaries.

Gabe offered an update on their situation on May 29, 2024, admitting in another YouTube video that he couldn’t “wait to get a divorce” and move on. He explained that he was dealing with financial issues after offering to pay for Isabel to stay in their previously shared apartment in Colombia while he moved back to Florida. Gabe claimed that after he left, he received texts from his former landlord about people frequently coming and going from the apartment and being loud, and he had to pay nearly $600 in fees. He went back to check things out.

“When I got to Colombia, my very first day, I get inside the house and it’s a mess, a disaster, there’s dog pee stuck to the floor, it was so disgusting,” he said. “Everything was so bad, so dirty.”

Gabe claimed that he tried to meet up with Isabel, but she allegedly blew him off.

“I find out through the grapevine that there was people in my house and there was men in my house and there was a man in my house,” he continued. “I end up having to pay another fee because it was an early termination of the contract for the apartment because we were getting kicked out — well, I was getting kicked out — so I had to pay a month’s rent and they’re trying to take my three months of deposit.”

Gabe later said he would “never ever forgive” Isabel.

A few days later, Gabe launched a GoFundMe to help him out of his financial situation. The fundraising page, titled “Stand with Gabriel in His Time of Need,” featured a link to his latest YouTube video.

“Hey everyone, so first I have to say I am very prideful, but I know when I have been defeated and need help,” the description read. “When I left for Florida (FL) last year because my wallet was stolen and bank account was hacked I came back to FL to make money and fix the problems with my bank, however, when I was gone my wife did many shady things, MONTHS of rent money I was sending was not going towards rent and the money I sent for my business (GMP Wear) was also not going towards that was well. when I returned to Colombia I was almost $3000 in the hole from missed rent, fees and fines which I was unaware of (what a great suprise) as well as nobody knew where my wife was for about 2 weeks, just disappeared, and still to this day she would not tell us where she was.”

Gabe claimed that although he was able to recover the money and find them a new place to live, his lawyer was contacted again by the old apartment management and told that he still owed about $500 plus other fees. Now, because of the damage done to his new apartment in Colombia, Gabe claimed that he also owes more than $1500 in fines and lawyer fees.

“ALL money received will go towards paying the settlement to the apartment building and lawyer fees, after those have been paid anything in excess will go towards the divorce process which is about 1.500.000 pesos($381.45) and to get my business GMP Wear back in business and Milo back with me to the USA. I just want to get my life back together again. My head is underwater and I am drowning,” Gabe concluded.

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