Relocating for love? 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way star Kris Foster fell in love with Colombia native Jeymi Noguera after meeting online. But did the Alabama native move to South America? Keep reading to find out where Kris currently lives.

How Did 90 Day Fiance’s Kris and Jeymi Meet?

The international couple were introduced to TLC viewers during season 4 of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, which premiered in January 2023.

“I’m 40 going on 20, because that’s how I feel,” Kris said during a confessional. “And I look like it too.”

The mother of two – who shares daughter Starr and son Dayne with her ex-husband – met her love on the internet and established a virtual relationship before meeting in person

90 Day Kris and Jeymi

“I never was happy,” Kris said of her past, adding that she saw a “crazy ad” online for an international dating website. “I have a soulmate from it. She just so happens to be a woman.”

Kris and Jeymi met for the first time in Jeymi’s home country of Colombia as Kris prepared to uproot her life in the United States for a move closer to the equator.

“I’ve waited 40 years to be openly in a relationship with a female,” she said. “I don’t want to wait any longer. So, I have decided to move to Bogotá.”

Did 90 Day Fiance’s Kris Move to Colombia?

Despite her children having reservations about their mother’s move to another country, Kris explained, “I got pregnant at 16. The very first time I had an intimate relationship. I’ve lived for my children, but now it’s time for me to have my own life.”

While it’s unclear if Kris has officially made her big move, the reality star often shares photos and videos from Alabama and Bogotá, Colombia, leading fans to believe she’s currently traveling between the two locations. 

“All he wanted was a chicken n waffles shake for his birthday!! Yummy!!!” Kris shared alongside a series of photos with her son in March 2023. “The people working at Baskin Robbins/Dunkin Donuts are so nice!!! Hooked us up with some great deals!!!!”

While the mother of two did not tag her location on the post, she “liked” a comment by a fellow “Bama girl” which read, “Nothing like Sweet Home Alabama!!!”

Just days prior, however, Kris shared an update of her “city life” in the South American capital city.

During the March 12 episode, they were forced to postpone their wedding when Kris had to travel back to the United States to attend a court date about her stolen motorcycle.

Jeymi explained that Kris leaving reminded her of problems they previously had in the past, including when Kris ghosted her on her 30th birthday.

“Eight months ago, Kris was supposed to come see me for my birthday, but she got cold feet,” she recalled in a confessional. “She disappeared for one month. She no tell me nothing, and I think maybe the relationship is over.”

While they eventually reconciled, Jeymi admitted that Kris can be “unpredictable.”

They tied the knot during the April 2 episode, though returned to having a long distance relationship soon after.

In a teaser clip for the April 16 episode shared by People, Kris explained that she needed to go back to the United States for “two weeks” to get a medication prescription. During the trip, she experienced unforeseen medical issues and decided to stay in Alabama so that she could work and save money.

“It kills me because I don’t think you realize just how bad this is for me,” Kris told her wife via a call. “I don’t enjoy this at all. I want to be there just as much as you want me there. But I’m having to work here because I can work here.”

After Kris explained in a confessional that she felt responsible to provide for them because the Colombia native wasn’t working, the couple was shown arguing when Jeymi accused Kris of caring more about money than their marriage.

Jeymi then complained that Kris didn’t keep in touch during her trip and pointed out that the mother of two only called three times within the past three months.

Where Does ‘90 Day Fiance’ Star Kris Foster Live Today?

Despite Jeymi’s concerns, Kris seemingly confirmed that they’re still together by sharing several photos from their engagement via Instagram on March 28, 2023. While she didn’t tag the location, it can be assumed that the pair are living together.

On April 6, Kris revealed she was in Bogota, Colombia, by sharing a photo from a restaurant she was at.

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