A jill of all trades! 90 Day Fiancé star Varya Malina works a variety of gigs to earn a living after moving to America from her native Russia to be with fiancé Geoffrey Paschel in December 2020. However, after Geoffrey was sentenced to 18 years in prison in October 2021, the brunette beauty is on her own while living alone in his native Kentucky. Keep reading to find out more about Varya’s job, how she makes money and more. 

What Is ‘90 Day Fiance’ Star Varya Malina’s Job?

In a February 2023 Q&A with fans via social media, a viewer asked the TLC personality how she finances her life in the United States with Geoffrey behind bars. 

“Instagram, savings from selling my apartment in Russia,” she replied via her Instagram Stories. “Property management.”

How Else Does 90 Day Fiance’s Varya Make Money?

In the past, Varya shared her experience as a part-time nanny when she babysat two elementary school-aged kids.

“How I thought babysitting looks like,” she captioned the first part of her Reel in November 2021, featuring a video of her sitting on a park bench in the middle of a little boy and a little girl while they enjoyed a snack.

“How it actually is,” she captioned a series of hilarious clips, featuring the little girl running away from Varya with her phone, her running after the little boy and falling while trying to catch up to him, chasing after them as they rode scooters and watching over them as they played on a slide and a rock climbing wall and then playing with them on the merry go round.

“Today you didn’t hear from me for a reason… I was babysitting for the first time in my life! It’s such a fun job,” she captioned the Instagram Reel. 

On top of her previous babysitting gigs, Varya makes a profit as an Instagram influencer. She revealed to her followers how she makes money via the social media app in another Instagram Reel posted that month. At the time, she already had earned about $389 in bonuses on the app for posting several video clips, and explained that she would be posting more Reel content in order to get more likes and comments, which then earned her more money in bonuses.

“Here’s how you can make money on Instagram as a content creator,” she explained in her caption. “Don’t hesitate to ask questions. I don’t know everything, but I’ll try to share the information I have. P.S. don’t forget ❤️ and send this post to your Instagram addict friend.”

What Was ‘90 Day Fiance’ Star Varya Malina’s Job In Russia?

While she was living in her native Russia, Varya worked as a radio personality and a wedding planner. In December 2020, she moved from Russia to the United States, where she reunited with her fiancé, Geoffrey. The couple’s engagement played out during season 4 of TLC’s spinoff 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days.

Where Does 90 Day Fiance’s Varya Malina Live?

Varya has been America ever since, initially settling down in Pensacola, Florida. In November 2021, she revealed she was in the process of moving and put her Florida house up for sale. While she did not reveal where she was moving to at the time, she later confirmed that she relocated to Geoffrey’s home in Tennessee, where she would be living and caring for his dogs while he remained in jail after being found guilty on domestic violence charges on October 7, 2021.

90 Day Fiances Varya Says Geoffrey's Motto Is Never Give Up Throwback Video

Three weeks after Paschel’s guilty verdict, Varya opened up about her immigration from Russia to the United States amid Paschel’s legal trouble. “The most common question I get asked lately is ‘DO YOU REGRET MOVING TO AMERICA?’ Starting life over is always hard, sometimes depressing, but never boring. You learn so much everyday, your brain doesn’t have time to rest,” she wrote via Instagram in October 2021. “As a result you get lots of experiences and personal growth. I consider it as a good asset for protection of Alzheimer’s disease.”

In February 2023, Varya addressed fans who asked for a “time limit” as to how long she’d wait for Geoffrey to come home. 

“You know how there are hopeless romantics? I am a hopeless optimist,” she explained via her Instagram Stories. “Knowing the case, speaking to multiple lawyers, I am very positive of the outcome and I’m waiting for it. Should be soon though.”

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