After skipping the 90 Day Fiancé season 8 tell-all, Stephanie Davison spilled all the tea. She opened up about her experience on the show via her Instagram video, “Sofa Talk With Steph,” where she addressed everything that went down during her season in her story line with ex-fiancé Ryan Carr and her new love interest, Harris Flowers.

First, Stephanie, 52, had a discussion with her friend and personal trainer, Frank, who spoke out against the rumors that Stephanie was under the influence of drugs or alcohol while filming her scenes on the TLC show, which is produced by Sharp Entertainment.

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Courtesy of Stephanie Davison/Instagram

“I have never seen her on any kind of drug, I’ve never seen her drunk. That just is not her,” Frank said. “I think these inaccurate portrayals are just very unfair.”

Frank also suggested that the reason why Stephanie may have appeared to be under the influence during her scenes could be a mix of long days of filming for more than 12 hours and being bitten by “hundreds” of sandflies.

Stephanie then claimed that the bites allegedly led to her suffering from medical issues for three months after returning from Belize. She said she suffered from inflammation from the bites, which affected her vocal cords, and she also had to receive IV treatments.

In the following segment, the Skin Envy medspa owner then claimed that her story line with Ryan was “fake.”

90 Day Fiance Stephanie Fuels Split Rumors With Ryan Amid Season 8 Drama
Tony Rath/TLC

“So, I’m basically here to tell you that it ended up being the exact opposite. So much of it was contrived and one of the very first things I want to tell you is during production, Ryan and I did break up. I immediately called the producers and said Ryan and I are finished, we are not going to be on the show,” Stephanie said, explaining that a producer urged her to continue filming and she eventually agreed.

When they were cast for season 8 in May 2020, she and Ryan, 27, were indeed a couple but they broke up in mid-August. The scenes that fans saw where she flew to Belize to reunite with her long-distance love were filmed in October, several weeks after they split. She revealed why she decided to go through with finishing the season even though she was no longer in a relationship with him.

“I went on this show because I knew what it would do for my business, OK? So having said that, I wasn’t out seeking fame, never wanted to be famous,” Stephanie said, revealing her motive for joining the series. “I said, ‘If you show me at my office, show the name of my business, show what Pam and I do on a daily basis, I’ll do the show.’ That was one contingency I did have for the show because that was the only reason I was doing this show was because the exposure for my business.”

The Michigan native went on to reveal said the story line about her being a “cougar” was contrived, and she claimed that Harris’ appearance on the series was only so that she could continue to film additional footage during her stay after her breakup with Ryan was captured on camera.

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“I thought well, if Harris will fill in, I’ll try and stick it out,” she said about her decision to bring Harris into her story line. “So, as you saw on the show, I did call Harris and Harris came. He stayed with me and they totally turned that around.”

On the show, it appeared Stephanie and Harris sparked a romantic relationship and she considered filing a K-1 visa for Harris. She insisted that she only suggested that Harris should try to file for a work visa in order to travel to America and had no intention of getting engaged to Harris or marrying him.

Stephanie said she was made to look like an “idiot” who was hoping to continue a relationship with Harris while Harris was only romantically interested in Stephanie because of the opportunity to come to the United States.

TLC and Sharp Entertainment did not respond to In Touch‘s request for comment.

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