Parting ways. 90 Day Fiancé star Stephanie Davison announced she would not be participating in the upcoming season 8 tell-all with ex-fiancé Ryan Carr. The reason why Stephanie is not going to be on the reunion special is because she’s planning to spill the tea on her own terms.

“Sofa Talk With Steph. Coming April 11th. Where the REAL truth will be told. Stay tuned!” the 52-year-old wrote via Instagram on March 31. She added the hashtags, “#sofatalkwithsteph #truth #90dayfiancé #staytuned #behindthescenes #realitytvisntrealbutthisis #iwasntinvitedtothetellall.”

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The Skin Envy medspa owner has been very vocal online about her dissatisfaction with the way her story was portrayed on the TLC series. One week before she made her franchise debut with her former long-distance love in December 2020, she hinted at her frustration.

“We are on in 11 days!!! [hourglass emoji],” she captioned a sneak peek clip of her scenes, adding the hashtags “#editingisamazing, #perspective, #whoisthatgirl, #didisaythat.”

As her story with the 27-year-old Belize native unfolded, she started to speak out more against TLC and the show’s production company, Sharp Entertainment. During an interview with YouTuber The Celeb Talk Guy in February, Stephanie elaborated more on the reason why she felt she wasn’t portrayed accurately on the show.

Stephanie denied that she was Ryan’s sugar mama or a cougar even though it was made to seem that way in several episodes. She explained the first year and a half she dated Ryan, before they joined the show, she only gave him one gift. The reason why fans saw her bring him several gifts when they reunited in Belize is because she was bored and did a lot of online shopping while in quarantine amid the coronavirus pandemic. She also claims when she was asked by producers what kind of men she’s interested in dating while filming her confessionals, she said she didn’t have a preference and had dated men 25 years older than her and 25 years younger than her.

90 Day Fiance Stephanie Fuels Split Rumors With Ryan Amid Season 8 Drama
Tony Rath/TLC

“They chose to run with, ‘Oh, she’s a cougar. She owns it.’ They left out the rest of it,” Stephanie claimed. “I wanted to clear. I’m not the first you’ve heard that from, that this is a highly edited show. This is a highly edited show.”

The Michigan native went on to reveal she and Ryan got cast for the show in May 2020 and they started filming in June. By mid-August, they had already broken up. She claimed when she called the producers to tell them that her relationship was over. The producers urged her to go to Belize one last time and she flew there in October. As fans saw on the series, Stephanie and Ryan fought and ended up splitting during that trip.

Stephanie also complained about the compensation that she received as a 90 Day Fiance cast member. While she didn’t say how much she made from her time on the show, she confirmed that the reports of cast members’ pay, which is about $1,000 per episode, “is 100% true.”

After listing all the reasons why she was upset with TLC and Sharp, she said she was planning to file a lawsuit against the network and the production company because she claimed she was not reimbursed for medical bills she accrued because she was allegedly bitten by sandflies while filming an outdoor scene with Ryan.

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In addition to her medical bills, Stephanie is also seeking reimbursement for her travel expenses because she claims she missed two flights to Belize because of an issue with the film crew’s equipment not being allowed on one of the planes.

“Part of the agreement is we do pay our own expenses such as our meals and our plane ticket, so I paid for a first-class plane ticket, OK? But then when I missed that because the cameraman can’t get on the plane with me, I can’t leave the cameraman behind, right?” Stephanie said. “So that’s why two more plane tickets had to be purchased and not only the plane tickets but then the extra luggage because we were flying coach. So, it’s an absolute mess.”

TLC and Sharp Entertainment did not respond to In Touch‘s request for comment.

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