After never-ending drama between them, 90 Day Fiancé stars Ashley Smith (née Martson) and Jay Smith‘s divorce has been finalized, Us Weekly confirmed on Wednesday, March 17.

The blonde beauty filed for divorce for a third time in October 2020 because he allegedly was unfaithful, an insider revealed to In Touch exclusively in December of that year. 

Inside 90 Day Fiance Stars Ashley and Jay Divorce
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“Jay cheated on Ashley again with Kayla O’Brien,” the source told In Touch about the catalyst that led to Ashley, 34, and Jay’s breakup following their reconciliation in March 2020. “That was the final straw that made Ashley kick him out and file for divorce again. Jay and Kayla have been together since September.” 

After Jay, 23, added fuel to their trust issues, “Ashley is completely done with him,” the insider said. “He’s now crashing at Kayla’s place which isn’t even her own and she shares. [Kayla] had to bring Jay over to Ashley’s to get all his stuff.”

Ashley confirmed she refiled for divorce from her estranged spouse on December 28, 2020. The Pout by D&A founder originally filed the paperwork one month after publicly announcing their split via Instagram in September of that year.

As for his response, the source claims “Jay tried filing a PFA (Protection from Abuse) order against Ashley after she filed for divorce because that’s the only way he can stay in the U.S.” The Jamaica native has always “feared divorce because he knows he has no green card and can get kicked out at any time,” alleged the insider. “The whole order ended up being dropped by the court.”

Ashley Martson and Jay Smith
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Even though they aren’t together anymore, “Jay is still working out of Ashley’s tattoo shop,” said the source, mentioning the storefront Ashley helped Jay open for his business venture in July while they were still together. “She’s currently trying to get the property transferred under his name because she lost a ton of money from it.”

The first time Ashley filed for divorce from Jay — whose real name is Conroy St. Christopher Smith — was in January 2019 after eight months of marriage. Less than two weeks later, however, she withdrew the paperwork. Ashley filed again in April 2019, and while they were separated, Jay moved on in a relationship with Kayla, who works as a bottle service girl. But Jay and Kayla broke up in January 2020, just two months before Ashley and Jay revealed they “ripped up” their divorce docs in March.


Kayla defended Jay and denied he cheated on Ashley with her in an exclusive statement to In Touch. “Ashley is very toxic and was clearly not a match for Jay, he tried with her, but she was really draining his spirit,” Kayla said in December 2020. “He sent her a lengthy message of all the reasons he felt he needed to end it, and he told her he needed to leave and live elsewhere and did it the nicest way possible.”

“Jay is a sweetheart, she is always trying to make him out to be a bad guy. She didn’t leave him, he left her, and he was so gentle about it,” Kayla claimed. “Also, she found out about him and I being back together weeks after their split.”

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“Her original [social media] post about their breakup did provide the truth … in her own words, ‘nobody cheated.’ She was definitely embarrassed for everyone to find out that Jay left her, so that was why she was so quick to post and say it was nobody’s fault, and made sure she could speak for the both of them,” Kayla added. “It was her fault, and that’s the bottom line. She has a lot of working on herself to do.”

Now, it seems Ashley and Jay are ready to move forward for good. Jay signed the paperwork and the official divorce decree was completed on March 11, 2021.

The Pennsylvania native took to Instagram on March 5 to share an update with fans on the dissolution of her marriage. “If you’re noticing I look happier and a little bit lighter it could be the lipo or it could be that I have a ton of baggage off my shoulders. This death sentence of a marriage is officially over,” she wrote at the time. “Just waiting on the decree! This bitch is single and ready to mingle #single #divorced #sohappy #singlesexyandfree #callme #90dayfiance Boy is this divorce party gonna be fun!”

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