After falling in love nearly two decades ago, Nikki and Justin are sharing their love story during season 10 of 90 Day Fiancé. The couple faced many roadblocks leading up to their engagement and will likely hit more obstacles before making it down the aisle. Fans are likely wondering if Nikki and Justin are still together after filming wrapped.

How Did ‘90 Day Fiance’ Stars Nikki and Justin Meet?

Justin and Nikki met on a dating site in Moldova 17 years before they made their reality TV debut.

While they initially hit it off, Justin couldn’t accept her transgender identity and they parted ways. However, they missed each other following their split and eventually reconciled once Justin began to better understand Nikki’s gender identity.

The couple got engaged and now the Moldova native plans to move to the United States and marry Nikki.

When Did ‘90 Day Fiance’ Star Nikki Tell Justin She’s Transgender?

Nikki underwent a sex change surgery when she was 20 years old.

During the October 8, 2023, premiere episode, the New Jersey resident explained that she didn’t tell Justin that she was transgender until two years into their relationship. Nikki admitted she wasn’t able to tell him under the circumstances she had hoped, accidentally stating she “used to be a man” during an argument.

“I traumatized him,” she recalled. “And he went home and he was depressed for a really long time. And I felt bad about that.”

Nikki and Justin’s split lasted for 15 years ago, though they’re now back together and are planning their future.

“Justin and I kept in touch throughout the years,” she explained about their reconciliation. “He had to go through things on his own and I had to go through things on my own.”

The pair reunited during a trip to Mexico, where Justin told her that she was the love of his life and he asked for her hand in marriage. She then applied for a K-1 visa so that they could live together in the United States as a married couple.

What Happened When Nikki Traveled to Moldova?

While Nikki and Justin shared a warm reunion at the airport, Justin immediately told the U.S. native that he believed it was better for them to make plans during the day instead of at night. Nikki was offended and felt he was “shelving her in the dark.”

“Are you afraid of taking me out in public at night because you’re scared that they’re going to judge me on the way I look?” she asked him in a private confessional. “Or that they’re gonna be able to tell I used to be a man?”

Justin said it was her style, telling her that she looked like a “trans porn actress.”

“The women in our country [like] to [look] nice, [with] makeup [and] good hair, but only [for] parties and some celebrations,” he further explained. “But when Nikki go[es] out anywhere, she [is] dressing like this is some famous night party. This is why it’s strange for me. It means a lot of attention from people.”

On their first day together, Justin took Nikki to the park to play board games. During the date, Nikki questioned Justin’s feelings for her as she felt there was “no spark” and didn’t want to be with her intimately.

“You know, when you feel something inside you and you wanna make love to the woman that you’re marrying in the future,” the recording artist told producers. “Like after a nine-month break, it makes me question his love for me.

Their lack of intimacy caused Nikki to question their relationship and accuse Justin of using her for financial gain.

“He knows damn well what I’ve done for him and I hate that he downplays it and says, ‘You have sent me such a little money,’” Nikki told cameras during the November 5, 2023, episode, listing his $7,000 nose job bill. “I don’t have to say exactly what I’ve done, but if I posted all the receipts, people would be like ‘Wow.’ And I don’t want to be that person ‘cause I did it because I love him.”

Nikki told her boyfriend that he had 48 hours to change before she decided to fly home to the States.

The pair finally got intimate during the November 12, 2023, episode; however, Nikki admitted there was an “element” she was missing as the Moldova native was a “taker in bed.”

Justin and Nikki had a tearful goodbye during the February 18, 2024, episode as Nikki prepared to go back home. She felt positive about their relationship after getting intimate following their engagement party. Before Nikki got on the plane, she became emotional at the thought of leaving Justin, and he said he felt sad about being away from her.

What Happened During Nikki’s Meeting With Justin’s Parents?

Nikki reunited with Justin’s parents during the November 26, 2023 episode. Nikki had met Justin’s parents during their first relationship run, but they didn’t know she was transgender.

“The way it went down and the way we broke up, it’s still a little nerve-racking, and it’s a little uncomfortable for me,” she said in a private confessional. Meanwhile, Justin added that he was “nervous” if his mother “forgive this all.”

Justin’s mother, Maia, “wasn’t surprised” they got back together, but worried about her son’s mental health.

“I still don’t know exactly know what happened there, but I did see him suffering after the breakup,” she explained in a private confessional. “It took him a very long time, almost two years, to overcome all the stress.”

Maia ultimately gave the couple her blessing to get married, telling Justin that she respected and supported the romance. She even made Nikki feel at home during the February 18, 2024, episode by giving her a gift before she headed home.

Did Justin Cheat on Nikki?

Nikki and Justin had a successful meeting with his parents but the intimacy in their relationship was still lacking. This made Nikki question if they should just be friends since they never have sex.

“Here in our country, friendship with woman and man and just sex, we have like this relationship,” Justin replied during the December 10, 2023, episode. “Just friendship, friendly sex. I don’t know how it’s called.”

To which, Nikki replied, “You have friendly sex with your friends?”

Justin said he had “friendly sexual” relationships with women, that only stopped since their August engagement.

“So I applied for the K-1 visa in June and you were already f–king b–tches? Are you serious?” she yelled. “And it wasn’t until August with the ring that’s when you got serious, 100 percent? And you stopped having sex with other girls?”

Justin confirmed and attempted to rectify the situation by saying, “It’s better than masturbating.”

As Nikki left to pack her bags, Justin returned to their hotel suite to speak about his “sexual friends.” He estimated to have slept with two women during that time and claimed he was being honest in an effort to be open with Nikki, rather than hide what he had been doing.

The performer also brought up Justin’s recent request for a threesome. “I’m 47 years old. I’m ready to settle down,” she told him, emphasizing her sexual experimentation period was over. “I did it once upon a time.”

Justin clarified that he was focused on “them” for the near future but hinted he would ask for a threesome after their nuptials.

“I’ve been thinking so much about where I want to go with this relationship,” Nikki explained during the January 7, 2024, episode. “Do I want to deal with him cheating on me or feeling like it’s not cheating, dealing with these, like games?”

“I’ve been thinking so much about where I want to go with this relationship,” Nikki explained during the January 7, 2024, episode. “Do I want to deal with him cheating on me or feeling like it’s not cheating, dealing with these, like games?”

The threesome conversation continued during the January 21, 2024, episode, with Justin taking the advice of a friend to be more of a “man” in his relationship with Nikki and “display his masculine side.” “I think that’s true,” Justin agreed in a confessional before the clip cut to the conversation with his friend, where he discussed the entertainer. “She wants to take everything and I have a feeling that I’m not dealing with a woman, but with her masculine side.”

In turn, Nikki felt Justin couldn’t “handle” someone like her and questioned if that would ever change. Instead of trying to solve their lingering issues, the pair decided to put their problems aside and focus on their upcoming engagement party.

Nikki discussed the threesome situation with her friend Chanel before the party, admitting she would do anything to make it work with Justin. “I have 90 days to figure it out because there’s something there,” Nikki explained during the January 28, 2024, episode. “And there’s something special there. And I’m in love with him and I know he loves me.”

Despite the shaky relationship, the pair shared a festive engagement party with his family and friends, with Nikki even gracing the stage for a performance.

“Nikki was like some stars falling down from the sky in my town, in my city,” Justin gushed after Nikki finished her show. “It was amazing.”

What Happened Between Nikki and Justin at the ‘90 Day Fiance’ Season 10 Tell-All?

Justin and Nikki called it quits during the February 25, 2024, episode after a huge fight. Nikki spoke to her ex the night before the season 10 tell-all, which aired its first part on March 3, 2024, and she thought they had made up because she visited Moldova for his birthday. However, he said he wasn’t “trans attracted” and broke up with her again during the segment. Nikki said she was “in a f–king nightmare” because of Justin.

Are ‘90 Day Fiance’ Stars Nikki and Justin Still Together?

Nikki implied that she and Justin are still going strong after sharing a tribute to the Moldova native on October 23, 2023.

“Some cute moments after my arrival to Moldova 🇲🇩 w/ my love @justinmoldova,” she captioned the clip.

Fans will get to watch Nikki and Justin’s love story play out when season 10 of 90 Day Fiancé airs on Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on TLC.

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