Sharing his side. 90 Day Fiancé star Andrew Kenton responds to ex-fiancée Amira Lollysa‘s claims about their relationship and split in an exclusive video interview with In Touch. Andrew says Amira’s appearance on the season 8 tell-all, where she appeared to be upset about the way they ended their communication after their breakup, was “very confusing.”

During her segment, Amira, 29, revealed the last time she spoke to Andrew after their split was when they coordinated to send her engagement ring back. She said she had sent gifts for Andrew, 33, and his family along with the ring and seemed hurt because they hadn’t reached out to thank her for the gesture.

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Courtesy of Andrew Kenton/Instagram; Courtesy of Amira Lollysa/Instagram

“The gifts I think are being a little overplayed in that regard, they were very confusing in the nature and I don’t think that she genuinely actually expected a ‘thank you’ for them,” Andrew exclusively tells In Touch. “Literally what it was, was a T-shirt that said ‘Serbia’ across it. So if she was expecting a ‘thank you’ for that, I am willing to talk. We were willing to communicate, she was the one that didn’t want to communicate in that regard.”

As fans watched on part 2 of the 90 Day Fiancé season 8 tell-all, Amira refused to film her segment while on a video call from her native country of France if Andrew was on the stage of the set in Los Angeles. Since he was not able to participate in the tell-all along with Amira, he decided to walk away.

After the California native left, Amira opened up about her journey on the show and the hardships she and Andrew faced as a long-distance couple amid the coronavirus pandemic. Since borders were closed shortly after she received her K-1 visa, the couple attempted to get Amira to the states by using several loopholes. First, Amira attempted to enter the U.S. from the Mexico border, only to be detained by Mexican officials before getting deported back to France. She then traveled to Serbia, where she self-quarantined by herself in a hotel room only to split with Andrew moments before she was set to board a plane to America.

Although it appeared that Andrew did not do anything to assist his then-fiancée when she was detained abroad, Andrew insists he “did indeed” try to help her. “I had translators calling the airport. We got a hold of all the detention centers inside of Mexico City [and] contacted the French embassy,” he explains.

90 Day Fiance Amira and Andrew Split
Courtesy of Amira/Instagram; Courtesy of Andrew Kenton/Instagram

During the season 8 tell-all, Amira said when she got her phone back after her three-day detainment, she “barely” had any messages from Andrew showing concern for her whereabouts and well-being. Andrew denies those claims.

He also claims that while their scenes were editing to make it seem like he was the one who learned about the loopholes, Amira was the one who suggested they take the risk. “I was never on the message board,” Andrew says, claiming Amira was the one who had an alleged active profile on the message board where they learned about the alternative travel options. “When they did that frankenbite on the show, it really threw me for a loop. When they cut it [to] say, ‘I was on the message board.’ I was thrown off by that.”

Toward the end of her segment, Amira claimed that shortly after she returned back to France from Serbia after their breakup, she learned that Andrew was already back on the dating site where they met. Andrew claims that it was “misrepresented” and that he did return to the dating site but it had been several weeks after their split.

When asked why he thinks their story line was portrayed the way it was on the show, Andrew answers candidly. “I think that I ultimately do look more villainous, come off as more aggressive,” he muses. “To a viewing audience,  it’s an easier thing to assume me as a villain than it is to assume her as a villain.”

TLC, Sharp Entertainment and Amira Lollysa did not respond to In Touch‘s request for comment.

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