Already bothered! 90 Day Fiancé star Andrew just made his season 8 debut on the Sunday, December 20 episode and it seems he’s already unhappy with the edit he received from TLC and the show’s producers at Sharp Entertainment.

“I’ve got my best clothes on for our big premier [sic] tonight [winking face with tongue emoji]! It seems as if they’re going to try very hard to make me look pretty dorky. That’s alright! Bring on the Memes!!!!” Andrew, 32, captioned a series of two selfies shortly after the episode aired. “Just know I hate that interview shirt, the kids at my school are angels, and my tennis skills are way better than shown lol [squinting face with tongue emoji].”

90 day fiance andrew slams tlc editing
Courtesy of Andrew/Instagram

The California native went on to explain that he thinks producers “had to carefully edit” the scene of him playing tennis to make it seem he wasn’t very good and he even performed “many tricks” during that session. “They wanted to go a different direction, and with that goofy music, geez [face with rolling eyes emoji], I can see the box they want to put me in,” he added.

“Not everyone fits so easily into archetypal boxes, we are not all stereotypes, the cast is not merely clones of each other and I certainly do not easily fit into a pre-contrived personality construct, but the world will try hard to squeeze me into one anyway, so f–k it let’s have some fun with people’s incongruent perceptions [silly face emoji],” he continued. “If you want to know the real me — the fun-loving, funny, generous, adventurous, active, way more attractive Andrew (haha) follow me here on Instagram, we are going to have a blast with this content!!”

Andrew made his debut on the show with his French fiancée, Amira. The couple met online and got engaged in Las Vegas, after which they immediately started the K-1 visa process. Amira’s visa was approved just days before President Donald Trump imposed a travel ban on citizens from the Schengen Area, which includes France. This left the couple scrambling to come up with a way to get Amira, 28, to the United States before her visa expires.

In a scene from the episode that was filmed in June, Amira dined outdoors with her father and she explained to him that Andrew had found a loophole that would allow them to be together via an online message board for K-1 visa applicants. If Amira flew to Mexico, Andrew would meet her there and they would self-quarantine for 14 days. Once their quarantine is up, they would then travel into the United States together.

Amira told her father, Hamdi, that she was afraid to travel because of the coronavirus pandemic and she worried about contracted COVID-19 in Mexico, which was experiencing a rise in cases at the time. She told her father Andrew had pressured her and gave her an “ultimatum.” He told her if she didn’t agree to the plan, he would “resent” her “forever.” “This is not love,” her father said.

Andrew disputed the scene via his Instagram Story. “I’ve never been on a K-1 message board, but someone else was active,” he wrote in a screenshot of the online group, showing Amira’s profile on the site. “Mexico loophole was not my discovery. #frankenbiting.”

According to The Chicago Tribube, the term “frankenbiting” is when a producer on a show decides to “improve” a story line by using “highly selective editing” to fit with a specific narrative.

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