Bigger brood? Andrew Kenton and Amira Lollysas time on season 8 of 90 Day Fiancé has been chock-full of drama. Even though it appears they are headed to the altar to say their I Dos in upcoming episodes, there’s a solid chance the couple might not have the same stance on expanding their family. Keep reading to find out Amira and Andrews thoughts on having kids together. 

Do Andrew and Amira Want to Have Children Together?

In the Sunday, March 14, episode, Andrew brings up the subject while on a video call with Amira during her 14-day quarantine in Serbia. The scene, which was filmed in July 2020, was at the height of the coronavirus pandemic, so undoubtedly the circumstances they were facing put added stress on the duo. 

While catching up with each other, Andrew said they were going to go camping when she arrived in America and go see his sister Connie, who was pregnant at the time. This was a sensitive issue for Amira because she felt he had been “obsessed” with wanting kids ever since his sister found out she was expecting. “He keeps pressuring me,” she said in a solo confessional.  

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How Did Amira Respond to His Hopes to Grow Their Family?

The France native said he kept asking for a “timeline” on when she was open to getting pregnant. “I want to be a mom one day, of course, but not right now,” she told cameras about her hesitations. Amira explained to Andrew that she was concerned about taking such a big step when they had been on shaky ground. 

If they didn’t fight as much, Amira said it would give her more peace of mind and the comfort she needed to move forward. However, they had been at odds following her unexpected detainment in Mexico

“I want our relationship to be in a good place before we bring kids into the picture,” she said in confessional. 

What’s Going On With Her Visa?

Amira got her K-1 visa right before the lockdown amid the global coronavirus outbreak in March 2020. At the time, the U.S. began a travel ban that prevented her from flying in. Since there was an expiration date on her visa, Andrew hoped to find a loophole before they ran out of time. As a result, she traveled to Mexico, where she was detained for three days, and was later deported back to her native France. Afterward, she hopped on a plane to Serbia with the hopes of quarantining there for two weeks before venturing to America. 

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