Season 5 of 1000-Lb. Sisters will give fans a glimpse into the end of Amy Slaton and Michael Halterman’s marriage. A trailer for the upcoming episodes was released on Monday, November 13, and shows Amy breaking down in tears as she struggles to cope with her relationship issues.

“I am very overwhelmed and stressed out and Michael ain’t doing s–t,” Amy, 36, says in the clip. “Every aspect of my life is in chaos because I have no support.”

At another point in the footage, she adds, “I’m just exhausted all the time because I’m trying to take care of two boys and trying to take care of the house.” Amy and Michael, 40, share sons Gage, 3, and Glenn, 16 months.

1000-lb sisters season 5 trailer amy marriage issues
Courtesy of TLC

It appears that Amy will be leaning on her older sister Amanda Halterman to get through this difficult time. “You have a husband who is perfectly capable of taking care of these kids for you to have a moment,” Amanda, 42, advises in one scene.

Things keep getting worse for Amy, who eventually admits, “I feel like I’ve hit my breaking point.” The drama explodes when Amanda finds out that Michael took Amy’s debit card and confronts him about it.

“Give her her money!” Amanda demands. Michael refuses, responding, “I ain’t giving her s–t.” Amanda threatens to call the police and Amy eventually jumps in. “He’s got two seconds to get his s–t and get out of my house!” she threatens. Things nearly turned physical between Amanda and Michael. Amy’s sister Tammy Slaton eventually says she’s going to call the cops and can be seen making a call on her cellphone.

Michael filed for divorce from Amy in March, listing their date of separation as February 24. The split was finalized in September. Along with his divorce filing, Michael requested a civil restraining order, preventing him and Amy from making public statements about the breakup or posting about it on social media. Fans have anxiously been waiting for the new season of 1000-Lb. Sisters to get more insight into what went wrong.

The exes have been together since 2015. They got married in 2019 before welcoming their two children.

While Amy’s split will be a main focal point of the upcoming season of 1000-Lb. Sisters, there will also be some happier footage to share. The trailer begins with Tammy, 37, leaving a rehab facility for weight loss after 14 months. “I lost 300 pounds and I’m ready to conquer the world,” she says.

Unfortunately, Tammy will have her own drama to deal with, as her husband, Caleb Willingham, starts “backsliding” in his weight loss journey and is unable to leave the facility with her. Caleb died at the age of 40 in June 2023.

Season 5 of 1000-Lb. Sisters premieres on TLC on Tuesday, December 12.

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