Snooki jwoww baby wedding

It’s the Wedding Of
the Year… In 2044: Why
We Can’t Wait For
JWoww’s Future
Daughter and Snooki’s
Son Lorenzo To Tie the


On Jan. 22, Jersey Shore star Jenni “JWoww” Farley announced that her first child—due this summer—is a girl, which means there is only one thing on our mind: Most. Epic. Shore. Wedding. Ever. Between JWoww’s future daughter and Snooki’s adorable son Lorenzo.

Just days before JWoww announced her pregnancy in December, the two BFFs told In Touch that they wanted their future children to tie the knot! In their original fantasy, the friends would conceive at the same time—a boy for JWoww and a girl for Snooki—who would be raised together and get married, but we’re even more excited now, since JWoww is having a girl and Snooki already has the cutest son ever!

JWoww and Snooki: We Want Our Kids to Get Married!

“That would make us a legit family,” Jenni excitedly told In Touch, before Nicole added, “We’d be in-laws! Can you imagine us still spending Christmas together when we’re 50? It would be awesome!”

We have to agree… that would be pretty amazing! In fact, we can see it already… here’s what we think a wedding between Lorenzo and Jenni’s little girl would look like.

A Wedding on a Beach

Sure, the Jersey Shore seems like the obvious choice for their nuptials, but we think they will go somewhere unique that they can call their own. We could definitely see it on a beach, though!

We know both their mommas love the beach, appreciate a good tan and REALLY know how to rock a bikini—and we don’t see that changing!

A Seriously Impressive Ring

Let’s just say both their daddy’s have amazing taste, and these two kiddos will grow up seeing some very impressive bling. We have no doubts that they’ll continue the tradition and go with incredible diamonds!

An Unforgettable First Dance

Fans were shocked when Snooki and partner Sasha Farber got the boot from Dancing With the Stars because she was such a serious competitor! We’re hoping Lorenzo inherited these skills, but if not, Sasha will have to come teach him some incredible moves.

One Heck of a Party

You don’t have to know a lot about the Jersey Shore gang to know that they know how to party! They went hard for just about any occasion, so we’d imagine that a wedding between Snooki and JWoww’s kids would call for the rager of the century!