Golden globe awards

From Dresses to
Drinking: How Celebs
are Preparing for The
Golden Globe Awards


The Golden Globe Awards are almost here, which mean’s Hollywood’s hottest stars have started gearing up for the big night.
The pressure is on for Best Actress nominees’ Jessica Chastain and Jennifer Lawrence, who are both still looking for something to wear!

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“I want something that makes me happy,” Jessica admits.  Jennifer, on the other hand, is less focused on her dress and more focused on the night’s drinking shenanigans!  

“I've thought about how much liquor I'm going to consume on Sunday,” the Hunger Games star recently shared. “Last year at the Globes, I couldn't drink. I was like, 'Oh my God.' Hopefully, it will be better this year now that I can drink."  

But partying isn’t on the brain for Anne Hathaway. The Les Misérables star and Best Supporting Actress nominee would like to keep her day as regular as possible. “I’ll probably try to sleep, drink a lot of water, get some food in my system, chill out, play with my dog. Just normal stuff,” she says.  

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It seems like relaxation is the key is her award show preparations! So what are some of our favorite leading men doing to prepare?

Silver Linings Playbook star and Best Actor nominee, Bradley Cooper, is far less concerned about his wardrobe than his co-stars. His only agenda for the night is making sure he entertains his date— his mom! As if we didn’t love him enough...
Who are you most excited to see on the red carpet tomorrow?