Casey Anthony is living a low-profile life in West Palm Beach, Florida after Patrick McKenna sold the home they shared together.

“It’s a small house, like 1,800 square feet, but it’s amongst mansions in a high-profile neighborhood,” private investigator Bill Warner, who’s been researching Anthony for years, told In Touch exclusively in August 2021. “The house is worth about $300,000” but sold for $1 million due to its location “near the Atlantic Ocean.”

McKenna bought the property 25 years ago for about $180,000, but Warner isn’t sure if “he’ll split the money with her.” He says, “I don’t know if they’re boyfriend and girlfriend, but they’re listed as co-owners of their 2016 Ford SUV car, which she is still driving, so he must be some kind of boyfriend.”

In July 2011, Anthony was acquitted in the death of her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee Anthony. Even even though she was once known as “one of the most hated women in America,” there is a small circle of people who still believe she is innocent — including McKenna, the former lead investigator on her defense team.

In a series of interviews with the Associated Press, Anthony revealed she worked for McKenna on his cases by providing social media searches and other investigative work. She had been living in the South Florida home belonging to Patrick ever since she was released from jail, People reported in May 2021.

These days, Anthony remains a resident of Florida, though her neighbors aren’t thrilled. “It’s a nice, tight-knit area, and most of the people that live here are successful professionals with families and young children,” a local in her community tells In Touch. “I’m terrified of Casey. Everyone I know in my neighborhood is.”

Where Does Casey Anthony Live? She's Keeping a Low-Profile

A separate source told In Touch for our August 2021 cover story that Anthony has been “gambling at underground poker games and partying nonstop.”

“Casey goes to these poker parties after dark,” a source who played cards with Anthony divulged.
“She meets up with six or eight of her friends, and they all sit around a table covered in a green cloth with cards in their hands and drinking beer.”

Anthony appears to be a “real risk-taker and thrill-seeker,” the source claimed. “Poker makes her feel alive, and that’s why she likes to gamble! I have no idea where she gets the money from because as far as I know, she doesn’t have a proper job.”

In addition to McKenna, Anthony has “some friends who are true to her,” Warner adds. “It doesn’t make any sense. She goes to bars with her head held high like nothing ever happened.”

In May 2021, Anthony was involved in a bar fight in West Palm Beach with a woman named Thelma Moya. A verbal argument between them started over “an ex-boyfriend they were dating at the same time,” In Touch confirmed.

In the police report, Anthony told police that it had been “an ongoing issue” with Moya “for years.” Eventually, Anthony declined to press charges against Moya.

“She likes to argue,” Warner claims. “She lives for that.”

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