NBA star Christian Wood slammed his ex-girlfriend Yasmine Lopez for allegedly creating a “dangerous environment” for their son as he fights for sole custody, In Touch can exclusively report.

According to court documents obtained by In Touch, the Lakers star pleaded with the court to strip joint custody away from Yasmine.

Earlier this year, Christian, 28,  filed a petition for a restraining order against his ex. He accused her of showing up to his home in Los Angeles and vandalizing his car.

In court documents, Christian claimed his ex-had a history of damaging his property during their relationship. A judge granted the NBA star a temporary restraining order.

A couple weeks later, the judge granted Christian a permanent restraining order against Yasmine and awarded him sole custody. However, soon after, Yasmine rushed to court claiming she was never served with notice of the hearing. In her filing, Yasmine claimed Christian and her had hooked up since he was awarded the temporary restraining order. She accused him of obtaining the order under “false pretenses.”

In addition, she accused the NBA star of getting physical with her in May. She said he “grabbed me by my legs and dragged me to his front door in a rage.”

Lakers’ Star Christian Wood Accuses Ex of Posting on OnlyFans While With Kids in Fight For Custody

Yasmine said in a declaration, “Christian has a history of being violent and flying into a rage.” “Christian constantly attempts to control me through intimidation, threats, and downright abuse, and I am terrified by his violent behavior, significant threats, and abusive actions. I have been trying my best to appease him for the sake of our son when he acts this way; I simply want to create a healthy environment for our son,” she continued.

Christian’s lawyer Holly Moore scoffed at the claims. She said, “The allegations made by Ms. Lopez against my client, Christian Wood, are completely false and retaliatory in nature.” The judge vacated the custody order and permanent restraining order.

The temporary restraining order was reinstated but the exes were awarded joint custody of their 10-month-old son Kobe.

In his new motion, Christian asked that the court reconsider the decision. He claimed Yasmine had refused to follow their agreement of week-on, week-off visitation and “is withholding out son from me in a clear violation of the Court’s order and intention.”

He said Yasmine had “physical custody of our son since May 9, 2024.” Christian said he was “concerned that Ms. Lopez will flee with our child and also that our child is not in a safe environment.” In his filing, he noted Yasmine “has various income streams, her main source being OnlyFans.”

He said, “[Yasmine] posts on that site multiple times per day, usually once per hour. This includes during her custodial time. She also advertises that she is available for sexting 24/7. It is very concerning that she is creating content and interacting with clients while she is supposed to be caring for our son. It creates a dangerous environment for him and his sibling.”

Christian added, “She posts videos on Instagram touting her great parenting and co-parenting, all the while refusing to follow the Court’s orders and exchange our son. She also discusses the case with our son present.”

The Lakers star accused Yasmine’s behavior of being “incredibly detrimental to our son.” He said, “She is alienating me and using the Court’s orders to further her agenda. None of [Yasmine’s] actions have been in the best interest of our son. [Yasmine] has no regard for the court’s orders and will continue to do as she pleases unless the Court intervenes with very specific orders and even that may not be sufficient.” Regarding his fear she will flee with Kobe, he said, ‘She has previously indicated that she intended to leave the country and has family in North Carolina, where she is from. After the incident in February, she allegedly went to North Carolina for two months and withheld our son from me the entire time.”

The next hearing is scheduled for June 20.

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