Breaking her silence. Thelma Moya, the woman who got into an alleged altercation with Casey Anthony at a Florida bar on Sunday, May 23, claims the ordeal was merely a publicity stunt aimed to promote Anthony’s new documentary. 

“It’s all an act, she’s starved for attention,” Moya alleged in a statement to Fox News on Monday, June 7. “Truth is, it just proves how miserable she is, this isn’t just over an ex we both dated in the past. Her losing control, her unknowing of my current life, or what I’m doing, has [caused] her to do things like this.” 

Casey Anthonys Cellmate Says She Had Panic Attack After Learning Daughters Remains Were Found

Moya says she is under the impression Anthony, 35, staged the ordeal to help promote an upcoming documentary about her notorious 2011 murder trial. Anthony is reportedly executive producing the film and will offer her own viewpoint about the death of her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee, following her acquittal.

“Just like her incident report, and the camera footage, it’ll just be another lie,” Moya claims about what happened at O’Shea’s Irish Pub on the evening of May 23, alleging that Anthony was the “antagonizer” of their dispute.  

Anthony explained her stance on their feud while filing an incident report in new 911 body camera footage released on June 3. “I’m still damp from the drink she threw at me. We had a verbal altercation outside,” Anthony told police in the clip shared by TMZ, alleging that Moya had been “repeatedly” harassing her over an ex they were previously romantically involved with. “We dated the same person for a couple of years,” she added. Anthony described Moya as an “arch-nemesis” who was once her friend before they had a falling out, according to People

Casey Anthonys Arch Nemesis Claims Bar Fight Drama Was Publicity Stunt
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Casey Anthony.

Moya, on the other hand, says Anthony calling it “harassment” was an exaggeration. “The only thing from that video that we can both agree on is that it needs to stop,” Moya continues. “She needs to leave me alone and move on with her life.” 

As for how the drinks went in the air, Moya alleges, “I walked over to her and flipped my cup on the table where Casey played poker and since Casey was seated — the alcoholic beverage got on her. Oops?” Moya adds, “If I wanted to pour a drink on her, I would have walked over and poured it on her head.”

Moya was “politely asked to leave” the venue after the incident on May 23 and she apparently did. Anthony did not wish to press charges or file a restraining order against Moya, but she did want to document the dispute to avoid future run-ins.

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