Wade Wilson was convicted of murdering two women in June 2024, and his smug demeanor throughout the trial caused the case to go viral. The attention the case has gotten has caused people to wonder about Wilson and the details surrounding his case.

Who Is ‘Deadpool Killer’ Wade Wilson?

Wilson, who shares his name with the Marvel superhero Deadpool, is from Fort Myers, Florida. He has several tattoos on his face, including swastikas and stitches around his mouth, that he acquired after his initial arrest in 2019.

According to NBC2, Wilson’s attorneys asked if he could wear street clothes and conceal his tattoos throughout the jury selection and his trial.

“Wilson has numerous and varied tattoos on his face including ‘stitches’, swastikas and other tattoos that might be objectionable to members of the potential jury pool,” the motion requested. “He would like to appear presentable to the jury deciding his guilt or innocence or whether he lives or dies.”

While the judge granted the motion, Wilson appeared to forgo the option. Throughout the trial, he was seen with all of his face tattoos, but he wore street clothes as opposed to a jumpsuit provided from the jail.

What Did ‘Deadpool Killer’ Wade Wilson Do?

Wilson was accused of murdering Kristine Melton and Diane Ruiz in Cape Coral, Florida, in October 2019. Melton’s body was found inside her home on October 7, 2019. That same day, Ruiz was reported missing after she vanished while walking to work. Three days later, on October 10, 2019, Ruiz’s body was discovered in a field behind a Sam’s Club. Both women were strangled to death.

In November 2019, Wilson, who was already being held in custody for an unrelated battery charge, was indicted on multiple charges, including two counts of first degree murder. Shortly after receiving the new charges, Wilson contacted Fox 4 News about the allegations.

Who Is Wade Wilson Jury Recommends Death Penalty for Deadpool Killer After Being Convicted of Murder 297
FOX 4 Now/YouTube

“I did not commit those murders and I am innocent,” the Florida native told the outlet in 2019.

Throughout his time in jail, Wilson continued to contact the news station and said that he “used to be connected to a high-level human trafficking ring and that he would groom women for them.” However, “when he tried to leave the ring last year, the group framed him for these murders as punishment.”

While awaiting trial, Wilson and his cellmate, Joseph Katz, tried to escape the Lee County Core Facility, where they were being held overnight, in October 2020. Fox 4 News reported that Wilson and Katz managed to break the window in their cell to attempt their escape, but they were caught by authorities. The actions led to two new charges of attempted escape and criminal mischief to be added to Wilson’s record.

Was Wade Wilson Found Guilty?

Wilson’s trial began on June 10, 2024, and the jury heard from friends and family members of Ruiz and Melton, as well as forensic psychologists. It only took the jury 13 days to find Wilson guilty for both counts of first degree murder, and they recommended that he be sentenced to death. However, the judge presiding over the case will have the final say, and Wilson’s sentencing is scheduled for July 23, 2024.

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