It’s been more than a decade since Casey Anthony was acquitted in the death of her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee, and she now leads an entirely different life in Florida, multiple sources exclusively tell In Touch Weekly.

“She’s been gambling at underground poker games and partying nonstop,” a local in West Palm Beach explains in our August 2021 cover story about Anthony’s various outings

Why Casey Anthony Spent Only 2 Weeks in Prison After Getting a 4-Year Sentence

“Casey goes to these poker parties after dark,” another source who played cards with Anthony tells In Touch Weekly in an update. “She meets up with six or eight of her friends and they all sit around a table covered in a green cloth with cards in their hands and drinking beer.” 

Anthony, 35, seems to be a “real risk-taker and thrill-seeker,” the source claims. “Poker makes her feel alive, and that’s why she likes to gamble! I have no idea where she gets the money from because as far as I know, she doesn’t have a proper job.” 

“I heard the PI [Private Investigation] company she set up isn’t successful,” the source goes on. “Pat made a ton of money from selling the house, so it’s possible that she’s using his money, but she can, somehow, afford to gamble.”

By Pat, the source was referring to Anthony’s lead investigator on her defense team, Patrick J. McKenna, who has long maintained Anthony’s innocence.  

Gambling Sex Bar Fights Inside Casey Anthony Life Florida

Bill Warner, a private investigator from Sarasota, Florida, who has been researching Anthony for years, tells In Touch Weekly that Anthony was living with McKenna at a beach house which they very recently sold for $1 million. “It looks like theyve moved out already, so theyre on the move,” Warner says.​​​​​​

In addition to McKenna, Anthony has “some friends who are true to her,” Warner adds. “It doesn’t make any sense. She goes to bars with her head held high like nothing ever happened. She doesn’t have any security or anything like that. Never.”  

“She likes to argue. She lives for that,” Warner claims. “Some of the people she hangs out with [are] people who are in the law enforcement. Some of them are criminals.” 

Ever since she was found not guilty of murder, manslaughter and abuse charges in July 2011, Anthony has tried to remain out of the spotlight, but she made headlines for a dispute with a fellow bar-goer and frenemy in South Florida on May 23.  

The verbal argument started between the two women at O’Shea’s Irish Pub over “an ex-boyfriend they were dating at the same time,” according to the police report obtained by In Touch. No charges were filed after the incident. 

“Some people react negatively to her and some [do] not,” Warner shares about the responses to Anthony being spotted out and about. “Some are friendly towards her because she’s still an attractive woman. The guys are all over her because she’s good-looking. She gets a lot of male attention. They don’t care about her past. People seem to have forgotten.” 

Gambling Sex Bar Fights Inside Casey Anthony Life Florida
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