The infamous Casey Anthony lives a completely different life now after she was acquitted in the murder of her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee Anthony, in July 2011. But even though she was once known as “one of the most hated women in America,” there is a small circle of people who still believe that Casey is innocent — including the former lead investigator on her defense team, Patrick J. McKenna.

Their relationship didn’t end after the trial was over. In a series of interviews with the Associated Press, Casey revealed that she worked for Patrick on his cases by providing social media searches and other investigative work. Keep reading to find out more about him.

Patrick is a high-profile investigator.

According to his LinkedIn page, Patrick has owned a private investigative business — Patrick McKenna, Investigations — since the mid-1980s. It says he is still employed there now as of 2021.

He lists famous celebrities on his client list — from John Lennon’s former wife Yoko Ono to Kennedy family member William Kennedy Smith and O.J. Simpson

Casey Anthony Juror Reflects Notorious Murder Case 10 Years Later
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He worked on the O.J. Simpson case and unearthed key evidence.

Patrick also served as an investigator on the 1995 murder trial for the death of O.J.’s ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman. He was the person who found audio tapes of a Los Angeles cop Mark Fuhrman on a racist rant — which helped weaken the prosecution against O.J., ABC News reported.

He pointed out the similarities between O.J. Simpson’s trial and Casey Anthony’s.

In 2011, Patrick helped Casey get acquitted of first-degree murder, aggravated manslaughter and aggravated child abuse, which was a similar outcome to O.J.’s case.

“The media attention and absolute conviction by the public that Casey and O.J. were guilty early on, without any consideration of the evidence, was so intense in both cases,” Patrick told ABC News.

He helped Casey Anthony reinvent her life.

In 2016, Casey returned to the spotlight as she tried to start a new career as a photographer. She filed papers to register her business — Case Photography, LLC — in West Palm Beach, Florida. Patrick and Casey were spotted out together in February of that year while she took some practice shots with her camera in photos captured by Daily Mail

In December 2020, Casey launched a private investigation firm in Florida titled “Case Research & Consulting Services LLC” to reportedly help other people who are facing serious legal charges.

Casey Anthony

He let Casey Anthony stay with him after the trial. 

Casey has been living in the South Florida home belonging to Patrick ever since she was released from jail in July 2011, People reported in May 2021. 

Casey’s notorious murder case will soon be revisited in the gripping new Lifetime series Cellmate Secrets, which debuts Friday, June 4, at 10 p.m. on Lifetime.

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