TLC viewers saw Welcome to Plathville stars Ethan Plath and Olivia Plath move from Ethan’s hometown of Cairo, Georgia, to Tampa, Florida, shortly after reconciling from a temporary separation — but it seems the couple is relocating again! Keep reading to find out everything we know about Welcome to Plathville stars Ethan and Olivia’s move. 

Why Did ‘Welcome to Plathville’ Stars Ethan and Olivia Plath Move to Tampa?

Shortly after their 2018 wedding, Olivia began butting heads with Ethan’s parents, Kim Plath and Barry Plath, as Olivia often rebelled against the Plath family’s conservative views which included no TV, no mobile phones and no sugar or soda. 

Apart from their family drama, Olivia was unhappy living in Ethan’s small hometown, but her husband enjoyed a country lifestyle. 

“I really want to live in a bigger city, I really want to be more stimulated,” Olivia told her husband during season 3. Ethan responded, “As long as I’m with you, I’m probably not ever going to come back to the environment that I like.”

While Olivia made the decision to move out of the couple’s marital home, by season 4, the couple had reconciled and moved to Tampa with Ethan’s sister Moriah Plath and Olivia’s brother Nathan.

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Why Are ‘Welcome to Plathville’ Stars Ethan and Olivia Moving Again?

Back in September, Olivia took to Instagram to tease that she was “about to make a big move” that would “hopefully bring more joy, health and fun” into her marriage and life. 

Two months later, the TLC personality confirmed she was saying goodbye to The Sunshine State.

“Adios, Florida,” Olivia shared on November 20. “You were a wonderful, tropical year. On to the next aventura.” 

Where Are ‘Welcome to Plathville’ Stars Ethan and Olivia Moving?

The reality TV couple has yet to disclose the exact destination, simply teasing that their next home base will have a cold winter climate. 

Ethan and Olivia Move Following Kim Plath’s Recent DUI Arrest

Olivia and Ethan shared the exciting news before the Thanksgiving holiday, nearly one month following headlines that Ethan’s mother, Kim, was arrested on a warrant for a driving under the influence (DUI) charge in Wakulla, Florida. 

The October warrant was in relation to a drunk driving incident on June 10, In Touch exclusively confirmed at the time. The mom of 10 was initially charged with careless driving under the case type “traffic infraction” in Wakulla County in Crawford, Florida, according to court documents exclusively obtained by In Touch. The charge was then updated on September 8 to a pending DUI charge

“She came to the Sheriff’s Office to turn herself in on a warrant from outside of our agency,” a Public Information Officer for the Wakulla County Sheriff’s Office told In Touch in a statement at the time. The DUI includes charges of property damage/personal injury, according to documents exclusively obtained by In Touch.

Following her arrest, the matriarch was released from jail on the conditions that she would abstain from alcohol and criminal activity. The Georgia native also admitted she could “benefit” from an abstinence-based alcoholism recovery program. Her next court date is scheduled for December 1 in Wakulla County, Florida. 

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