She’s feeling introspective. Welcome to Plathville star Moriah Plath reflected on 2019 in an Instagram message, and it definitely seems to allude to all the changes she’s faced in her life before and after the show began airing.

“I may not be as close to the top as you but I may have had a higher mountain to climb⚓️,” Moriah, 18, wrote on December 22. “2020 is going to be a good year. Starting my list of New Year’s resolutions … I’ve always loved that about a new year, it wipes your slate clean and you get to start over and write it again.”

The reality star continued, “With how much has happened this past year of my life I’m not sure I can even think as far as what’s gonna happen this next year, but I am all in for the adventure 2020 is gonna bring! Let’s live this life to it’s fullest and never stop chasing our dreams✨🖤. Remembering back to December a year ago and it’s a whole new world now … funny how life changes … but my dreams still stay the same only a few steps closer🤟🏼.”

moriah plath selfie
Courtesy of Moriah Plath/Instagram

Speaking of how different her life is now, Moriah’s brother Micah Plath admitted to a fan on Instagram on December 20, that he and all of his siblings were very strictly protected growing up. Micah, 18, shared a photo of himself from behind the scenes of a photo shoot he did as a model, and someone commented, “Do you feel as though a whole new world has been opened for you? Were you and your siblings really as sheltered from the outside world as all of us perceive?” Micah replied, “Definitely!!! And yeah we were extremely sheltered!”

That “we” includes Moriah, who very clearly clashed with her parent’s ways and beliefs on the TLC series. She found a kindred spirit in her sister-in-law, Olivia Plath, who also didn’t really get along with Kim and Barry Plath. Olivia once said of herself and Moriah, “They don’t trust me and they don’t trust Moriah. They know I have different values and different priorities than them.”

As Moriah grows up, it seems like she’s learning from her experiences and deciding what her own priorities are.

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