Teen Mom OG alum Catelynn Baltierra clapped back after her younger brother, Nicholas Lowell, made claims that her husband, Tyler Baltierra, “constantly drags her about her weight” and makes her “cry herself to sleep.” 

The MTV star, 31, took to Instagram on Saturday, August 12, to re-post a clip of her younger brother, 17, explaining his reasoning on why he doesn’t “respect” Tyler. However, the end of the clip cuts to a phone call recording between Catelynn, her mother, April Brockmiller, and Nicholas, where Nicholas proceeds to yell profanities at the mom of four, calling her a “fat ass.”

“My mother called me last night and I recorded the conversation. This is my ‘brother’ Nick at the end,” she captioned the post. “I wouldn’t normally put all this stuff out in the world BUT I’m putting this out here because my brother is continuously just trying to build this ‘fan base’ that’s based off of lies!” 

Touching on the profanities he yelled through the phone, she added, “This is how he REALLY feels about me and women in general and their bodies.”

“The ONLY person that has ever called me fat has been YOU!” the reality TV personality added. “I’m sharing this because if he wants to use my name for clout and to get followers, it is what it is, but I at least want those people to know who they’re following and what type of person they’re actually supporting!” 

In the clip, Nicolas began by emphasizing that he loves his sister, but he doesn’t like “what she’s become over the years.” “I don’t blame her, I wanna make that very clear,” Nicholas said in the clip shared by Cate. “The problem isn’t my sister, it’s the person she’s married to.”

While Catelynn’s younger brother said he “used to love” the father of four, he felt that Tyler never really liked his family and “didn’t try to hide that.”

“Recently my feelings toward Tyler have changed. I don’t like Tyler because of the way he treats my sister,” he continued. “I can’t and won’t respect a man who tells my sister, says that he’ll love her no matter what, and then proceeds to call her a ‘heifer.’ A person who says he doesn’t care how she feels, a person that would constantly drag her about her weight and make her cry herself to sleep. She couldn’t eat a slice of pizza without Tyler telling her that he’s afraid of how big she’ll get.” 

Teen Mom’s Catelyn Slams Brother Nicholas Amid Family Feud 1
Courtesy of Catelynn Baltierra/Instagram

Catelynn’s feud with her brother follows drama stemming with her mother after Catelynn accused the matriarch of drinking during their June 2023 visit with her daughter Carly, whom she and Tyler, 31, placed for adoption in 2009.

“This is how my ‘family’ treats me the morning after our visit. The morning after saying goodbye AGAIN to Carly,” Catelynn shared in a lengthy Instagram post alongside screenshots of her conversation with her mother on June 29. “A morning when I’m waking up with anxiety and missing the time spent with our first born … The morning after seeing my mother drink a beer at our visit … even tho I spoke about my boundaries and not wanting to be around her when she is drinking … a morning when I was going to have to call her out for that … but I’m the toxic one in this family? [sic]”

While the visit was a joyous occasion for the family, with Catelynn calling it “such a blessing,” what followed were a slew of nasty messages from Nicholas and her grandmother, Judi Mitti, accusing the 16 & Pregnant alum of mistreating April. 

Nicholas sent a string of text messages to Cate surrounding her treatment of their mother, saying, “I don’t understand how you can talk s—t about mom but not talk to her to her face.”

“You don’t treat her like a mom at all,” he added, to which Catelynn replied, “She don’t treat me like a daughter lol you will realize it one day.”

Nick later claimed via his Instagram Story that Catelynn “doesn’t like to post the full things.”

For her part, April exclusively told In Touch on June 30, “[Catelynn] obviously isn’t getting enough attention at home!”

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