Setting boundaries. Teen Mom OG alum Catelynn Baltierra (née Lowell) claimed her mom, April Brockmiller, was drinking during their recent visit with daughter Carly, whom she and husband Tyler Baltierra placed for adoption in 2009. 

“This is how my ‘family’ treats me the morning after our visit. The morning after saying goodbye AGAIN to Carly,” Catelynn, 31, shared in a lengthy Instagram post alongside screenshots of her conversation with her mother on Thursday, June 29. “A morning when I’m waking up with anxiety and missing the time spent with our first born … The morning after seeing my mother drink a beer at our visit … even tho I spoke about my boundaries and not wanting to be around her when she is drinking … a morning when I was going to have to call her out for that … but I’m the toxic one in this family? [sic]”

The reality star went on to say that she’s “working so damn hard” to break her family’s generational traumas, questioning, “When is enough enough?!”

“When does a person just walk away from all the toxic s–t?! THIS is NOT how family is supposed to be,” she added. “People act like they don’t do wrong to me or don’t do toxic things to me but what about all this? I’m so over it. I’m exhausted.” 

Cate’s explosive statement comes just days after she and Tyler, 31, reunited with their firstborn daughter, 14. While the visit was a joyous occasion for the family, with Catelynn calling “such a blessing,” what followed were a slew of nasty messages from her grandmother, Judi Mitti, and brother, Nicholas Lowell, accusing the mother of four of mistreating April. 

“You are so disrespectful and TOXIC,” Judi messaged her granddaughter via Facebook, as seen in a screenshot shared by the 16 & Pregnant alum. “Sad thing is how you treat your mom. So sad and you’re grandfather, he never done anything to you … Hell you can’t even forgive your brother when you have already forgiven all the people who have ripped you [sic].”

She continued, “Sad sad sad Cate. Sad when [your family wants] to be part of your life. Me I gave up on that years ago. I tried. You are a just a sad soul and I hope you find peace with your life [sic].”

Her teenage brother sent a string of text messages to Cate surrounding her treatment of their mother, saying, “I don’t understand how you can talk shit about mom but not talk to her to her face.”

“You don’t treat her like a mom at all,” he added, to which Catelynn replied, “She don’t treat me like a daughter lol you will realize it one day.”

Nick later claimed via his Instagram Story that Catelynn “doesn’t like to post the full things.”

For her part, April exclusively tells In Touch, “[Catelynn] obviously isn’t getting enough attention at home!”

The Michigan native has previously opened up about her mother’s struggles with alcoholism, including during an October 2022 episode of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter.

“I’m in this moment in my life where I know it’s kind of hard to trust her not to drink with my kids around, really,” she said. “Once we come back here, I’m gonna have a conversation with her. I want to protect them from things that I experienced with my mom when I was growing up.”

Despite setting boundaries with her mom, Cate confessed that she was concerned about sticking to them. 

“I know eventually, it’s going to happen where I show up there and she’s buzzed or she starts to drink and I’m just gonna have to put my foot down and leave but she hasn’t done that yet,” she added.

Just one day after Nick vented about his sister on Instagram Live, Catelynn shared series of inspirational quotes to her profile, including one which read, “I would rather adjust my life to your absence then adjust my boundaries to accommodate your disrespect [sic].”

“It only takes one person to in a family to end & unwire generational trauma & inherited toxic traits & patterns,” another of her pointed statements read. “Your parents’ toxicity does not have to be your, or your children’s, destiny.”

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