Sister Wives star Gwendlyn Brown revealed that her father, Kody Brown, and his wife, Robyn Brown, were two hours late to her wedding to Beatriz Queiroz.

“My dad and Robyn were just kind of there. They showed up like two hours late and just kind of hung out,” Gwendlyn, 21, revealed about her wedding during a livestream on her YouTube channel.

Fans initially believed that Kody, 54, and Robyn, 44, skipped the wedding on Saturday, July 22, because they didn’t appear in a big family photo. However, Gwendlyn explained that they weren’t included simply because “they weren’t there in time.”

“I don’t think there was a moment for my dad to take a picture with me,” she continued. “That’s kind of funny, though. I should have made it happen.”

The reality star added that her sister Mykelti Brown was “obviously super-hyped to see” Kody and Robyn at the wedding because she “hangs out with them” and they babysit her daughter Avalon, 2, and twin sons Archer and Ace, 8 months.

While Mykelti, 27, was excited that the couple attended, not every family member was thrilled. “Some people were mad that he was there, because they weren’t aware that I was like, ‘Yeah you can come,’” Gwendlyn revealed. “So a few people were like, ‘How dare you show up?’ But other than that, it was fine. [Those people] didn’t say it to his face. Nobody says bad things to people’s faces. They just gossip about it behind their backs.”

Gwendlyn – who has been open about her dislike of Robyn in the past – said that having her at the wedding was “chill.”

“I gave her a hug, and everyone was like, ‘Gwendlyn, that was so shocking!’ and I was like, ‘I’m gonna give my guests a hug,’” the TLC personality said. “I felt like I should extend an olive branch, especially since I haven’t been being the nicest to her on-camera. I was like, ‘I’m just going to give her a little cozy hug.’”

Gwendlyn added that Robyn seemed surprised by the hug and said she “stepped aside and looked like she expected me to, like, push her away and go around her.”

Sister Wives’ Gwendlyn Brown Reveals Kody and Robyn Were 2 Hours Late to Her Wedding to Beatriz Queiroz
Courtesy of Mykelti Brown/Instagram

In addition to Kody and Robyn, Gwendlyn’s wedding was attended by her mother, Christine Brown, and Kody’s ex-wives Janelle Brown and Meri Brown. Meanwhile, Christine’s fiancé, David Wooley, and several of her siblings were also in attendance.

Months before Gwendlyn and Beatriz, 23, tied the knot, the YouTuber revealed that her father would not be walking her down the aisle.

“I was thinking of just walking myself down the aisle, but now that I’m actually thinking about it, that’s actually kind of adorable,” she said in a YouTube Q&A in April. “So I’m definitely gonna consider, cause that’s so cute having my brother.”

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