Sister Wives star Gwendlyn Brown is getting married to her fiancée, Beatriz Queiroz, but is her father, Kody Brown, attending her July 2023 wedding? Keep reading to find out everything we know about the polygamous patriarch’s attendance. 

When Is Gwendlyn Brown Getting Married?

According to Gwendlyn and Beatriz’s wedding registry, which was viewed by In Touch, they are set to walk down the aisle on July 15, 2023. 

Is Kody Brown Attending Gwendlyn and Beatriz’s Wedding?

Following parents’ Kody and Christine Brown’s split, Gwen hasn’t been shy about sharing her candid thoughts surrounding her estrangement from her father. However, she did reveal he, along with his current wife, Robyn Brown, and their kids were invited to her wedding. 

“But I don’t know if they’ll want to come,” Gwen revealed during an April 14 YouTube video posted to her channel. “We’ve kind of been like, shunned, I don’t think he wants anything to do with the rest of us. I really hope they do come.” 

The most recent Brown wedding was her brother Logan Browns October 2022 wedding to his longtime girlfriend, Michelle Petty. While Kody was in attendance for his son’s wedding, during the ceremony he sat on the bride’s side next to Robyn. Meanwhile, Logan’s mother, Janelle, sat front and center on the groom’s side alone. 

Ultimately Gwen reiterated she hoped her dad would come to her nuptials as she “terribly missed” her siblings. 

Will Robyn and Her Kids Be Attending Gwendlyn and Beatriz’s Wedding?

Gwen also hasn’t been shy in hiding her feelings toward Kody’s last remaining wife. However, she did feel sadness for not being able to see her siblings despite still living in Flagstaff, Arizona, where they also reside. 

“I invited them to my engagement party, but I don’t know if she felt like it wouldn’t be a safe space for them,” Gwen said of her invitation to Robyn’s kids in a video posted to her channel on March 3. “Or if they decided they just don’t wanna go but it seems they decided they don’t want to see me.”

While the college student admitted her feelings were hurt, she added, “If I’m not a safe person for them, then I’m not a safe person for them.”

Who Will Walk Gwendlyn Down the Aisle?

When one fan questioned whether Gwen would ask one of her brothers to walk her down the aisle in their father’s stead, during an April 2023 YouTube Q&A, the TLC personality revealed she had not considered the option.

“I was thinking of just walking myself down the aisle, but now that I’m actually thinking about it, that’s actually kind of adorable,” she said. “So I’m definitely gonna consider, cause that’s so cute having my brother.”

The soon-to-be wife went on to share that she has turned to brother Logan – Kody shares with ex-wife Janelle Brown – as he father’s fill-in in the past. 

“As a kid, whenever we went to dances, like father-daughter [dances], all of the girls would choose my dad and I had a tendency of choosing Logan to represent as my father cause I wanted my little special moment,” she added.

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