Do they all live together or what? Christine Brown shared photos from her home in Flagstaff, Arizona on Instagram, and had fans wondering in the comments whether the Sister Wives family was living all together in their new state or not. “So excited it snowed again!! Hopefully, it’s enough to get my snow blower out. #snow #springsnow #soexcitedtousemysnowblower #snowblower,” Christine wrote. TBH, we wouldn’t be quite that excited about snow in May, but to each their own.

Since fans of the TLC reality series know the Brown family moved to Arizona months ago, Christine’s followers were curious whether the images were from the house her husband, Kody Brown, dreamed up for him and his four wives and all their kids to live in together during season 13 of the show. “Is this your new property?” one fan asked. Another wondered, “Did they finish building their new houses?” Yet another fan asked, “Are you all in the one giant house? Or still all in homes if your own?”

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So excited it snowed again!! Hopefully it’s enough to get my snow blower out. #snow #springsnow #soexcitedtousemysnowblower #snowblower

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Christine, 47, did not respond to the queries in her comments. However, several other fans took the liberty of doing the job for her. For instance, when one follower asked, “Are your houses built?” others responded with, “Last I heard it was to be one HUGE house for all of them.” Indeed, Kody, 50, had a plan to have his whole family live together in one, huge home, but seemed aware that the idea might not go over well with his many wives.

Back in mid-April, Christine seemed to inadvertently confirm that the land the Brown family bought in Arizona doesn’t have a house or several houses on it just yet. She shared a photo of herself with Kody and their daughter Truely and wrote, “Taking Truely out for a birthday date today. [She’s in] love with the land in Flagstaff and wants to block all the gopher holes with large boulders. #cheap-date #birthday #gophers.” The land behind them doesn’t seem to have any sort of structure on it, and since Christine just called it “the land,” we think it’s probably safe to say the property the family chose doesn’t have a Brown homestead on it yet, and Christine’s recent photos are from the other house she bought in the meantime. Wonder no more, Sister Wives fans!

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