Feel better! Gideon Yeakley has been in the hospital for a few days, following a scary collapse. The unfortunate news about the My 600-lb Life star was shared via his wife’s Facebook page on February 4. Fans, friends and loved ones have been sending well-wishes in the comments.

“Gideon is at the hospital. He called me at work to come home early because he felt so bad,” Kayleigh’s original post read. “I talked to him not that long ago and he had passed out and fell in the floor. Poor thing told me he thought he died it happened so fast,” it continued. “They ordered a CT and we will hopefully know more soon. Keep him in your thoughts please.”

Gideon is at the hospital 😖 He called me at work to come home early because he felt so bad. I talked to him not that…

Posted by Kayleigh Yeakley on Monday, February 4, 2019

According to the update via Kayleigh’s Facebook on February 6, Gideon’s doctor wanted to monitor his hemoglobin levels before deciding what course of action to take. “I did find out last night his EKG results came back normal, which is a good. I also found out last night that the hospital doctor didn’t feel that surgery would be beneficial for the infection,” it read.

The latest news about Gideon’s health came on February 7. “The doctor came in this morning and confirmed what we already knew, he has blood in his stool,” Kayleigh wrote. “He is now wanting to do a GI scope and a colonoscopy.”

“He has already eaten today so they can’t do it tomorrow and they don’t do them on weekends,” Kayleigh added. “The doctor is now consulting with other staff to determine if Gid needs to stay in until Monday and do them there, or if they discharge him tomorrow and schedule them outpatient.”

Gideon made a splash while first appearing on the hit TLC show My 600-lb Life back in 2016. He weighed 650 pounds when he was first introduced to viewers, but he’s since dropped “almost half of his starting weight,” and looks even slimmer in recent photos. The father-of-two and his wife also welcomed their baby girl, Frankie, in September 2017. We’re wishing him a speedy recovery!

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