See the Stars of ‘My 600-lb Life’ After Weight Loss: Robin McKinley, Her Nephew Garrett and More!

Since 2012, TLC‘s My 600-lb. Life has documented several shocking and inspirational weight loss stories that have resulted in some amazing before and after photos. The unscripted series follows participants as they undergo gastric bypass surgery to lose weight, but once their journey is over, fans are left wondering where they are now.

Unlike shows like The Biggest Loser where the majority of participants gain the weight back, all the people featured on My 600-lb. Life are assisted by a doctor to help with giving them realistic diet and exercise tips. The series also reveals that gastric bypass isn’t a magical operation that’ll make you instantly skinny with no work.

Past participants who’ve had the surgery but didn’t maintain their doctor’s strict diet and exercise regimen quickly gained the weight back.

The show also reveals other factors that come into play when a clinically obese person tries to lose weight, such as the psychological toll. Then there’s the more interesting factor of how extreme weight loss affects relationships. Many of My 600-lb. Life‘s success stories have ended with divorce. Past participants have revealed that the change to their bodies was so stark, it caused a strain on their marriages, particularly if their spouse became “jealous.”

Overall, the series is excellent at showing the multi-faceted layers of obesity and how it affects friends, family, and ultimately, the person who weighs more than 600 pounds.

From rememberable stars like Christina Phillips, who impressively shrank from 700 pounds to just 183, to infamous ones like Penny Saeger who was criticized online for being “lazy” for not losing any weight, see what all the stars from the hit reality show look like today, and find out if they’ve kept the weight off.

Scroll through the gallery below to see all of the inspiring before and after photos!

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