Getting married to a stranger is always a risk but few Married at First Sight couples have started as bad as Zach Justice and Mindy Shiben. While Zach vowed at their first meeting at the aisle to make his new bride feel like “the most beautiful and attractive woman in the world,” that would take a complete 180 just a few days later. Keep reading to find out if Zach and Mindy are still together!

Zach and Mindy made their debut on season 10 when the controversial experiment took place at, Washington D.C., for the first time. The former figure skating instructor was over the moon about her expertly matched partner but it would only be hours into their honeymoon before her new spouse would tell her he was not building any type of attraction to her. 

The MAFS process called for the newly wedded couple to live together, but Zach refused to move into their shared apartment. Making matters worse, shortly after their nuptials, Zach began a relationship with Lindsay, one of Mindy’s best friends. Explaining that he initially sought help from her friend regarding Mindy, Lindsay and Zach had conflicting stories when they were confronted. Zach initially said only one phone conversation happened between them, but Lindsay later admitted it had “been more than once.” When asked for the messages, both parties had conveniently deleted all evidence.

“When he’s reached out to you, has it been because he’s asking about me or like needing advice on this stuff, or has he reached out just for the hell of it?” Mindy asked Lindsay over the phone.

“I think both,” she responded. “But I said, ‘I’m not gonna talk to you again until filming’s over,’ like we’re done.” 

At the reunion, Zach tried to argue his point that he never checked out of his marriage, “You never checked in,” argued host Kevin Frazier. Mindy added, “I hate to say it, but I have questioned whether or not it’s kind of been for publicity for him.” The season’s finale also revealed that Zach went on date with another season 10 bride. 

Despite not ending up with a lifelong partner, Mindy has stayed optimistic about finding love. Following her time on the show, the MAFS alum made the cross-country move to Mexico and devoted her time to teaching Spanish. As for Zach, he founded Casual Athlete, an online coaching company, and continues to work as a fitness influencer.

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