She’s not alone. Meri Brown revisits her catfishing scandal and introduces a fellow victim of the person who manipulated her to her family in the Sister Wives Season 8 premiere, according to a sneak peek from People. Meri, 48, appears to invite one of the other women the catfish fooled to meet her family — fellow wives and all — and explain her own story so they can all better understand what exactly happened when Meri was deceived.

Kristie explains in the clip that in November 2014, she and her ex-husband separated and she was very lonely whenever he had the kids. About a month after their separation, she went online and found “Sam,” the same person Meri had a rather intimate online relationship with and seemingly fell for. “He was gorgeous,” the other woman tells while having dinner with Kody Brown, 50, and his wives — Meri, Robyn, 40, Christine, 46, and Janelle, 49. “This vegan, tall — I was like, how is this guy talking to me? You get kind of drawn into this, especially when you’re lonely.” Doesn’t seem totally unreasonable, right?

Kristie goes on to say that about five days into their online interaction, Sam — who is actually a woman named Jackie Overton — told Kristie they loved her. “I felt like I was in love with him,” Kristie explains in the video. “For sure. The thing is that he knows how to become what you want. The first time we talked, he asked me what were the 10 qualities that I look for in a man and he became those 10 things. Not because that’s who he is, but because he was molding himself into what I wanted.”

And Meri seems to understand completely. “It’s like, what is the motivation?” Meri asks the camera. “Why does she do this? I mean, is she just evil? Is she lonely? I don’t know.”

Another victim of the same catfisher, Cheryl, appeared in a previous episode of Sister Wives. Meri flew to Atlanta after the family agreed that it would be a good idea for Meri to talk about what she went through with someone who experienced the same thing. It definitely made for interesting TV, and it will likely be just as interesting to see Meri and the family discuss the situation with Kristie on the Season 8 premiere of Sister Wives, airing on TLC on Sunday, January 20 at 8 p.m. ET.

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