Things got pretty intense during part one of the Sister Wives tell-all special, and the same difficult topics will be discussed during part two. Kody Brown and his first wife Meri Brown got extremely vulnerable as they opened up about their struggle to repair their marriage after the fallout from Meri's catfish cheating scandal, but now Meri's sister wives Janelle Brown, Christine Brown, and Robyn Brown are opening up about how they feel about the rocky state of Kody and Meri's relationship.

"It sucks. The whole thing sucks," Robyn said in a sneak peek for part two of the tell-all. "It's not fun and it's hard to know what to do with it. We love Meri, we love Kody, we have to be Switzerland constantly and we hate to see them in this place and it's stressful for our family.

And Robyn isn't the only sister wife who feels that way. "It's sad to see two broken hearts and we don't know what to do to fix it, just support and be there but there’s broken hearts involved on both sides and its super hard," Christine said, while Janelle added, "In our family you don't just live in a vacuum, like one relationship affects the other 100 percent. You feel it."

While her sister wives opened up about their feelings, Meri struggled to control hers and she started crying. The host asked the Kody and his four wives if anyone has thought that maybe Meri and Kody's relationship is not mean to be, and Meri seemed to be shocked with the response.

"No one thinks that," Christine said, and she put her arm around Meri as she started to cry again. "None of us think that it’s not supposed to happen or get better," Christine said. "We don’t know what it looks like in the end but none of us think that."

Kody explained that none of his wives are choosing sides but while he does feel like he and Meri and working towards healing, their problems won't be easy to fix overnight and Meri agreed.

"Part of me says that, yeah it’s hard but then part of me is like, I just wanna lay it out all on the table," she said. "But that’s not healthy either."

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