Your favorite polygamist Kody Brown and his wives are back — but not without their fair share of family drama. TLC reality fave Sister Wives has set its premiere date for 2019 and we’re seriously stoked to get back in with the Brown family and all they’ve got going on this season. Us Weekly recently revealed the sneak peek for the new season, and let me just say: the Browns are in for some big changes when the premiere hits on Jan. 20. Let me explain.

First off, we’ve got sister wife Meri, who is eager to open her bed and breakfast, but is in need of help from Kody in order to afford the down payment. “I’m being really careful about holding it in right now,” she revealed about her feelings toward the B&B sitch. “Because part of me just wants to stand up and say ‘OK fine, I don’t need you guys.'” Poor Meri is really at odds right now, between the B&B and her relationship with fellow sister wife Christine, which doesn’t seem to be doing too hot.

“I just feel like there’s a lot we need to figure out,” Meri told Christine in the sneak peek. “I mean, you don’t feel comfortable with me around.” Way to put it out there, Meri, and get to the meat of the issue. Christine’s sneak peek confessional also gives us a bit of insight. “The ‘sister wife’ relationship is super tricky, because you’re trying to be best friends with the woman who has a relationship with your husband.” Woof. It’s clear why the wives have difficulties with each other at times.

On top of the familial drama in the Brown family this season, we also get to see the motives behind the big family move to Arizona, as well as the repercussions the move had on some of the members of the fam. “Vegas has been good to us, and yet, I’ve wanted to move back to Utah ever since we left,” Kody revealed in the clip. But it seems as though the family decided to meet in the middle and try another new place, instead of heading back to “a state that kind of kicked him out,” according to daughter Mariah.

Ultimately, it seems like the Brown family is feeling the heat of intense change this season, but also the possible fire of issues they may not be ready to address. “I just feel like they’re running away from something, and I don’t know what they’re running away from,” daughter Aspyn admitted in the sneak peek. We might have to agree — what are Kody and the wives running from? Let’s hope they figure it out this season.

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