It's been almost three years since Sister Wives star Meri Brown went through a catfish scandal where she was involved in an online relationship with who she thought was a man named "Sam Cooper," but turned out to be a woman named Jackie Overton. Meri is still dealing with the repercussions of her emotional affair with "Sam" and the negative effect it had on her relationship with her husband Kody Brown and the rest of her sister wives, so she's hoping that a visit from her friend Cheryl will help her get some closure on everything. But who exactly is Cheryl from Sister Wives?

Meri is Cheryl's friend from Georgia and the women bonded because they were both catfished — which is when someone uses a fake online persona to lure another person into a relationship — by Jackie who posed as "Sam." Sister Wives fans might recognize Cheryl because she made an appearance on a previous episode of the show.

In an episode that aired last January, Meri got permission from Kody and her sister wives to fly to Atlanta to visit Cheryl, and they all agreed that it would be a good idea for Meri to talk about her experience with someone who went through the same exact thing. Cheryl and Meri traded stories over lunch, and they eerily lined up. "Sam" told both women that he was sick with leukemia and his female friend Lindsey had colon cancer, and Cheryl and Meri both attended a therapy session together to try to deal with the emotional effects of being catfished.

On this week's episode, Meri sat down with her sister wives and Kody and revealed that Cheryl wanted to visit Meri in Utah so that she could meet the family. Meri also wanted Cheryl's daughter to meet her daughter Mariah, so that the girls could talk about what it was like for them to watch their mothers go through what Meri has referred to as "emotional abuse."

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